Real Life Mario Kart Racing in Tokyo! Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Your Engines

If you're heading to Tokyo for more than 24 hours, MariCar go-kart racing is one thing I would insist you do. This is one of those rare bucket list items that you think you'll likely enjoy, but actually is even better than you imagined! Where are the MariCAR track CONTINUE READING

Gap Year Ideas: I Traveled and Volunteered in Turkey (Amiera, 25) – MOTM

The Millennials on the Move series' goal is to showcase candid interviews of young millennials and the inspiring stories of how they navigate the world despite the many challenges of travel at such a young age. From study abroad to becoming an expat in some of the most remote corners CONTINUE READING

What is a FAM Trip? Travel Bloggers’ Tips to Successfully Navigate Your First Comped Trip

I was recently invited to my first FAM trip to Chattanooga, TN. Hurrah! As a part-time blogger—let alone a 22-year-old part-time blogger—this felt like a huge win for, and I was so excited. You might as well have told me I was going to Paris. Searching the web for advice CONTINUE READING

13 Travel and Study Abroad Scholarships for Kids K-12

The following scholarships are either travel-related contests, study abroad scholarships, or grants for travel given to students from grades K-12. It's a common idea that you must be a high school or college student to study abroad or travel as a student. One of the main objectives of my blog is CONTINUE READING

Dubai Bucket List: 73+ Exciting, Unreal Vacation Ideas in the City of Gold

Last updated: November 11, 2018 Living in Dubai I've learned so much about so many different cultures, from languages to foods to cultural practices. Despite what I wish I knew before I moved here, I've truly found Dubai to be a once in a lifetime experience. comprised of so many incredible mini-experiences. CONTINUE READING

Travel For College Grads: 113+ Careers that Involve International Travel

Graduating college is already traumatic enough, and the real world's post graduation depression can hit even harder if you're not sure what you want to do for a career. This is a list of jobs that have potential for international travel, just to get your gears turning and ideas flowing. CONTINUE READING

Traveling While Racially Ambiguous: A Blessing or A Curse?

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, connections increase exponentially. Love connections, that is. Which has resulted in 2018, as much as 7% of the U.S. population now being considered "multiracial", having genetics from two or more distinct racial groups. This is referred to as mixed, mixed raced, multiracial, biracial, and CONTINUE READING

How to Pack Light: Cure Your Chronic Overpacking and Travel Light

As my blog's name suggests, I am not one to lug heavy suitcases around during my travels. I #TeamPacksLight (duh) , #TeamCarryOn, and #TeamWorkSmarterNotHarder. Who has time to pack their entire wardrobe for every trip and risk paying insanely expensive checked bag fees, airlines losing your luggage, or breaking my CONTINUE READING