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    Gabby created Packs Light as an all-inclusive travel resource to empower young people to seek risk, seize opportunity, and see the world.

    12+ Free Online Courses to Distract You From Slowly Dying from Boredom

    Many of these online courses were made free as a result of travel restrictions and quarantine notices due to COVID-19. Many thanks to the companies and organizations that opened these resources to the public during these tough times! You can now take super productive, accredited, once-in-a-lifetime courses to not only CONTINUE READING

    Things to Do During A Weekend in Savannah …And Make it Black-Owned

    Heading to Savannah, Georgia soon for a long weekend? Here is your tell-all summary of what to do and how to do it. The majority of the suggestions are Black-owned (noted with a *), Instagram-worthy, and absolutely filled with Southern charm and Savannah goodness. WHERE TO DRINK: Artillery Bar CONTINUE READING

    21 Free Online Tools to Help You Work At Home 10x More Effectively

    I've been blogging since 2013 and I wouldn't be able to maintain my business as a solopreneur (heavy on the solo) without these online tools to keep me organized, on time, and motivated. If you're working from home because of 'Rona check a few of these out. *Disclosure: A few CONTINUE READING

    How to Reach the Social Media Generation—Tips from an ACTUAL Gen Z!

    If you clicked on this article you're aware of the emerging market of Generation Z and you're seeking more information on us. The Piper Jaffray report estimates Gen Z (born between 1995-2010) contributes about $143 billion to U.S. retail sales each year, making this group an important one for brands CONTINUE READING

    I’m 24 and I Quit My Job to Be a Full-Time Travel Blogger: 1 Week Check-In

    Hey guys, it's Gabby! It is Day 12 of being a full-time travel blogger, and as you can see in this week’s vlog below, my environment has changed a bit from the Day 1 check-in.  First off, I'm sorry that this is not exactly a one week update. I CONTINUE READING

    I’m 24 and I Quit My Job to Be a Full-Time Travel Blogger: Day 1 Check-In

    Oh god. I'm one of those people... I quit my good-paying, secure, health-insured, 9-5 job to be a full-time travel blogger. No, it’s not April Fool’s Day, and this isn’t clickbait.  When did this happen? On Feb 1, 2020, I put in my '2 Weeks Notice' to my full-time CONTINUE READING

    20+ Black-Owned Restaurants in San Diego to Patron For the Culture

    Welcome to sunny San Diego! Arguably one of the best cities in the United States,  SD is famous for its historic Gaslamp District, beautiful beaches, and proximity to Mexico. One quality that it's not known for is its diversity–especially for African Americans, who only make up 6.4% of the entire city's CONTINUE READING

    27 Websites that Help You Find the Cheapest Flights Available

    More often than not, flights can be the most expensive part of a trip. And the most common question I receive as a travel blogger is "what are your tips for snagging the cheapest flights?" Well, more than the time of year, booking at 2AM on a Tuesday (myth) or CONTINUE READING