The Top 50+ Active Facebook Travel Groups to Join in 2022

by Gabby Beckford
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Facebook groups are valuable forums for connecting with others in your local community or around the globe. Being in the travel niche especially I've found Facebook groups great places to ask locals questions, meet up with friends when I'm traveling solo, vent about travel mishaps, and generally have a good laugh.

I've met up with over 500 women from travel Facebook groups in countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, the UAE, the US, and more!

Here are the top active Facebook groups of every travel niche that you can check out and join:

Travel Facebook Groups anyone can joinn

  • Bucket List Beasts – “We share tips, articles, personal stories, photos, videos, and plan bucket-list meet-ups! But whatever we do, we’ll make sure you don’t end up with a life full of “coulda, woulda, shouldas!” Your new life starts NOW! The only question is – Are you ready?! YOLO, baby!”
  • Conscious Travel Community – This group is for self-aware, positive travelers to come together to connect, discuss, ask for advice and inspire each other around all things travel related!
  • Travel Community – This travel community is a place for like-minded people to engage with others that love to discuss travel.

Gen Z/Young Travel Facebook groups

  • Young Travelers Network – A global community of Gen Z, 20-somethings, college students, teens, and Zillennials, who love travel! Whether you've never left your home town or you've been to 40 countries, this is your tribe. Connect with other young travelers, share stories, engage in discussions, and meet up around the world!

Female Only Travel Facebooks Groups

  • Global Girls United – Global Girls United is for girls alike who eat, sleep, breathe travel! Share travel tips, deals, stories, etc. A very casual, off-the-cuff, fun group. We have zero tolerance for assholes.
  • The Solo Female Travel Network – A space for all female solo travelers to be able to come for not just travel advice and reliable hostel recommendations. Ask if that local was being creepy or if it was cultural, get support for homesickness, show off the amazing photos from your last trip, tell stories, and share whatever is on your mind. 
  • Solo Women Travelers – This is a fun, supportive group of diverse, wonderful women who love to travel alone whether by plane, train, RV, boat, bicycle, backpacking, motorcycle or car … or dreaming about traveling solo. I want this group for everything we women want to talk about… from leaving behind old lifestyles and embracing new ones, to travel wardrobes, music, travel plans, gadgets, tips and tricks, families, our fears, and our triumphs!
  • Solo Women Travel Tribe – We are here to LEARN, INSPIRE, SHARE & CONNECT with fellow Solo Women Travellers from all over the world.
  • Girls Who Travel – Girls Who Travel is an education and empowerment network for travelers who identify as women, trans, and/or genderqueer. Our mission is to empower women travelers to explore beyond their boundaries and to create a more inclusive world.
  • Curvy Girls Travel Guide – This group was founded to provide a space for curvy and plus-size women to collaborate and connect on all things travel. Please feel free to dive in and introduce yourself, ask questions, share experiences and meet new friends.
  • GirlsLOVETravel – Girls LOVE Travel is a global community of active and aspiring female travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing and support. 
  • Conde Naste's: Women Who Travel – a place where all self-identifying female travel lovers can join in the conversation about what it means to travel as a woman today. 
  • We Are Travel Girls – We Are Travel Girls is a global travel community created to inspire, connect, educate and empower female travelers around the world.
  • Over 60 Solo Women Travel – This group is for Over 60 Women who like to travel on their own, solo, without a travel companion. The majority of members enjoy the solo experience or are novices seeking advice and encouragement to travel solo.

Male Only Travel Groups

  • Guys LOVE Travel – Guys LOVE Travel is also a place to share your adventures and gain extra exposure for your travel photography, filmmaking or blogging by sharing your social media links with your posts.

Family/Mom Travel Groups

  • Families Who Love to Travel – This page is a safe space for parents to exchange travel ideas, itinerary suggestions, questions, concerns, and experiences.
  • Traveling with Kids Worldwide – This group is for parents who love to travel with their kids and who want to share their experiences, tips, and tricks, to ask questions, and to be inspired to go on more adventures! I share travel deals and do giveaways!
  • MOMs (Girls LOVE Travel ®) – #gLt MOMs is an official SubGroup of the Girls LOVE Travel Facebook group community. This is a space for moms to discuss all things travel and how to travel with your family!
  • Wandering Moms – Women who want to literally give their children the world. We are a group that provides support and resources for women who are interested in traveling the world or living abroad with children in tow.
  • Tiny Globetrotters: Travel The World With Kids – Have kids and still want to travel? This group is for you! Let's share destination ideas, tips for traveling with tiny humans and trip reports. We all have one thing in common, the love of travel which now includes kids!
  • Travel The World With Your Kids – This is a group for anyone who wants to travel the world with kids. Long term, short term, full time, part-time, fast, slow… Whatever works for you. Ask your questions, meet other travel families who travel and get advice.
  • Dreamers, Drifters, and Diapers: Have Kids, Will Travel – This is a group for people who LOVE to travel and are looking for helpful tips, tricks, and hacks to make for a more pleasurable experience all-around. It caters specifically to parents and soon-to-be parents looking to brave the friendly skies, roads, rails, or seas with little ones in tow.

Cheap Flight Deals Facebook groups

  • Secret Flying – Finding your cheap flights around the world.
  • TravelFree group – cheap flights and more – Just the hottest travel deals, error fares.
  • TravelPirates Community – Do you want to travel the world and not spend a fortune? Do you want to explore the places where tourists don’t go? Want to meet other travelers? Like rum? Our group is to be used for travel research and recommendations.
  • Travel On A Budget Official – On A Budget is a social community for problem solvers and money savers. Here at On A Budget we help members to save time and money, offering a safe space to learn and share new ideas.
  • The Best Travel Deals – Here you’ll find travel deals discovered and shared by Travel + Leisure editors. This is also a safe space for sharing your own travel deals and connecting with fellow travelers.
  • TravelFree group – cheap flights and more – Just the hottest travel deals, error fares!!!Feel free to ask tips, suggestions 🙂

Travel Bloggers/Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads groups

  • Female Travel Bloggers – We are a supportive online community for travel blogging women to expand their reach, learn about blogging, and make meaningful connections in the travel blogging world. If you’re looking for a tribe of badass women who want to help each other make their blogs a success, you found it! 
  • Female Lifestyle & Travel Bloggers – A fully inclusive blogging group for female lifestyle bloggers and female travel bloggers aimed towards open discussions, a supportive community, and sharing blogging resources. 
  • Black Travel Movement Travel Blogger Community – The Black Travel Movement Blogger Community is a dedicated space for travel Bloggers of color to post links to their TRAVEL BLOGS and articles to share with the Black Travel Movement Community.
  • Digital Nomads Around the World – This is a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • BLOGGERS AND TRAVELERS – A worldwide group of travel lovers, bloggers, photographers, and writers. Some of us also write and maintain blogs on a wide variety of subjects. Join our new travel forum 
  • Digital Nomads – The Solo Female Traveler Network – This group is a sub-group of The Solo Female Traveler Network, specifically for connecting solo female travel who work on the road to trade links, social share circles, get advice, advertise for jobs, and share experiences.
  • Female Digital Nomads – This group was started with the goal to unite, inspire and inform us digital babes that are wandering the globe. Do you have any questions about setting up an online business? How to run your travel blog? About where to travel next? This is the place to come and ask them.

Black Travel Groups

  • Black Travel Movement – Black Travel Movement is a community of friends and family who share an interest in cultivating new friendships and epic experiences through international worldwide travel. As a member of the BTM family you have a connection to a wide range of new and seasoned travelers who are anxious to join and share travel experiences.
  • Nomad•ness Travel Tribe – NOMADNESS is an award-winning travel lifestyle brand. They represent the underrepresented demographic in mainstream travel through NOMADNESS Travel Tribe. 
  • Black Elite Travelers – B.E.T.'s mission is to create networking and travel opportunities, as well as professional, meet up, dating/non-dating vacation opportunities for like individuals looking to enhance travel knowledge, travel partners or network worldwide in the dawn of a new century celebrating African American freedom to move around the globe.
  • Melanin Globe – Melanin Globe ® is a global travel group founded upon the basis of bringing individuals from all walks of life, regardless of cultural difference, together. Here you are encouraged to immerse yourself into “all things travel!”. 
  • Black Folks Travel Too!ᵀᴹ – A forum to share travel photos, videos, information, and recommendations. So whether you've traveled internationally, domestically or are just discovering the treasures near your home, please share.
  • Black Travel Lounge – Black Travel Lounge is a space for Black travelers, black owned travel companies, and travel agents to share their experiences and find inspiration, share experiences and travel tips/hacks.
  • Black People Travel & Network– This group was created for the love of traveling and networking. Meeting new people and learning new cultures. Supporting each other/ Black businesses. Let us share and inspire each other.
  • (AA&M) African-Americans and Minority Travelers Backers and Road Trippers – Encouraging African Americans to Travel the world cheaply. With a Back Packing, Road Tripping and local travel. See the world. From international to nation.
  • Black Travel Experience, Group Trips and More – This group is to help travelers find group trips, travel agents, and share experiences.

Black Women Only

  • Black Women Travel – Bringing black women who travel the world together.
  • Black Girls Travel Too – A unique and dynamic travel club with a fervent belief that women, specifically black women, being deserving of a seat at the table. Whether that table is at a street side café in Morocco or just off the coast of Zanzibar in the tiny fishing village of Stone Town, WE have the POWER and PRIVILEGE to choose.
  • Black Girl Travel Movement – Empowering * Inspiration * Sisterhood * Travel. Black Girls On The Go is an international organization dedicated to exposing black women to the healing power of travel. 
  • Black Women Who Love To Travel – I enjoy seeing women of color celebrating life to the fullest and seeing their travels. This can also give others a chance to get ideas and share their traveling memories in a group. 

Black Men Only

  • Black Travel Movement Men's group – The BTM Men's Group is a place where the brothers and men of the Black Travel Movement can meet to discuss travel issues from a Black Man's perspective. Feel free to discuss any and all topics freely.
  • The Black & Abroad® Man: A Group for Black Men Who Travel the World – Welcome to Black & Abroad MAN, a group where black men with a common interest in international world travel can share their travel goals, experiences, recommendations, travel hacks, and more. Connect with other like-minded brothers by becoming a member.
There are travel Facebook Groups to connect with fellow luxury, budget, adventure, women-only, men-only, LGBTQ+ only, anything you can think of. You can definitely find your travel tribe on Facebook. Click To Tweet

LGBT Travel Groups

  • LGBTQ Travel – Welcome to LGBTQ Travel. This group is for everyone who loves to travel any chance you get. From flying to another city for a pride celebration to traveling across the world for an adventure. A place to network and share your travel tips, advice and maybe find a couch to crash on.
  • Man Expeditions ( Community Travel Group for Guys) – The primary goal of this club is to help bring like-minded guys together through positive adventure travel initiatives and to build new meaningful friendships while giving back to wildlife & environmental conservation projects through our participation
  • Lesbian Travel – Welcome to Lesbian (& GBTQ) Travel This is a place where we can all connect. This is a safe haven if you are looking for travel tips, advice, or just want to meet some of your fellow queer travelers.
  • Pride (Girls LOVE Travel ® – #gLt Pride is an official subgroup of Girls LOVE Travel to have everyone have a place to talk and gab about experiences while traveling the globe and either being directly part of the LGBTQ community or supporting as an ally.
  • Lesbian Travel Club – This group is for discussion of Lesbian Travel.
  • O&A Gay Travel – A new gay travel web site with vacation options never before targeted to the gay and LGBT consumer; National Park Tours, California Wine Country, Pacific Coast bike tours, culinary vacations, Alaska adventure cruises, and so much more coming soon.

Did I miss any poppin' travel Facebook groups people should know about?
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Gabby Beckford

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Dimple October 27, 2022 - 11:17 AM

Thanks, these are so helpful! I am curious if you have ever come across any legit, alive Brown/South Asian travel groups, would love to know some. 🙂

Cathy Miller August 5, 2022 - 7:26 PM

I’m looking for a Facebook group for individuals traveling on a safari to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar or something close. All groups that I find are companies promoting their travel tours.

Gabby Beckford August 8, 2022 - 10:51 AM

I’d recommend maybe looking for expat communities in Kenya or Tanzania. What’s your goal with the Facebook group?

Rebecca January 25, 2022 - 2:03 PM

Great list, I would also recommend the Travel Fashion Girl group, awesome for packing tips.

Sharyn November 28, 2021 - 4:58 PM

Thanks for the great list. Can you recommend any working holiday face book pages? I’m thinking of starting one.

Gabby Beckford December 10, 2021 - 8:49 AM

I don’t know of any! If you make it, I will add it to the list 🙂

Bruce Powell October 8, 2021 - 12:52 AM

Great list! You should include Black Travel Lounge!

Sandra Taylor October 3, 2021 - 3:23 PM

I ran across your web site. I loved it. I’m a 68 married female. I want to travel different states in the United States. My husband does not want to travel real bad. I would like to meet women who loves to travel also. What is the best Facebook travel site for that.

Gabby Beckford October 3, 2021 - 4:49 PM

I think Girls Love Travel, and Solo Female Travel Network will be great for what you’re looking for!

Matt May 3, 2020 - 12:42 PM

Excellent suggestions!


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