• Packs Light

Hey! I’m Gabby, an early 20-something with a passion for new adventures, new cultures, new friends, and new cocktails.

Two weeks after I graduated high school at 17-years-old I took my first solo trip and flew to Iceland for two weeks. This shot in the dark introduced me to the culture of solo female travel, gave me new ideas of who I could be and what I could do in college, and ultimately led to a whirlwind of travel and adventure I never could have imagined and now I couldn’t live without.

While in college I visited 11 countries—6 completely on my own dime, 2 solo. Having graduated last year I’m still finding my time to travel—both locally and internationally—amidst my 9-5 engineering job. I don’t plan to work the 9-5 forever, though. I’ve given myself 2 years after graduating to put enough love and attention into this blog and my other passion projects to quit my job and be working for myself. While I’ll never regret my Mathematics degree or my experience as an engineer (read: my engineer’s salary), the more I work the more I regret having limited PTO and . I’m on month 7 out of 24 right now and feeling more creative and productive than ever.

What does “Packs Light” mean?

I chose the blog name Packs Light with a couple meanings in mind. It’s the lead to a few mantras I give myself to 

1. She packs light, mentally and physically—she does bring the baggage of the past into the future, and does not place excessive value on material possessions.

Aside from being Team #CarryOnOnly for virtually all of my trips, this reminds me to always look toward opportunities in the future instead of what-ifs of the past.

2. She packs light—she brings with her inspiration, positivity, and empowerment in every aspect of her life, and embodies this light in everything she does.

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