by Gabby Beckford

Born in: United States (almost every state!)

1999: Germany, France, Canada

2002: Jamaica

2003-2005: Japan

2008: Belize, Curacao

2010: Bahamas

2013: Iceland, Australia

2014: England, Turkey, Kenya

2015: Canada, Puerto Rico

2016: Sweden, Finland, Norway, the United Arab EmiratesOman

2017: Sri LankaThailand, the Republic of Georgia, the Netherlands,  Mexico

2018: Italy, Vatican City, Colombia

2019: US Virgin Islands

2020: South Korea, Antigua and Barbados

2021: UAE, Mexico, Republic of Georgia, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Jordan, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico

2022: Mexico, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Fiji, South Africa, British Virgin Islands