The Packs Light Winners Wall showcases amazing young people who decided to shoot their shot and apply for Packs Light Travel Opportunities – and ended up winning free trips!

  • I randomly came across Gabby's twitter in the summer of 2019 (probably from a viral tweet about travel hacking or shooting your shot when it comes to entering competitions). I was instantly amazed by the resources and quality content that she creates. At first, I was skeptical - there's no way that I would ever win one of these! These opportunities sounded way too good to be true. Then, I decided to silence that voice in my head and take the plunge and I am SO glad that I did. I won a free trip to EGYPT! I attended the World Youth Forum and spent time in the beautiful city of Sharm El Sheikh. The trip was truly something that I'll always cherish. I'm forever grateful to Gabby for this experience and am so excited to watch her grow her platform and her reach. I've continued to apply to opportunities since I went to Egypt and was a finalist in both an AirBnB competition that took folks to Italy for FREE for 5 weeks, and a Russian Exchange program. I have gained so much confidence in applying to just about everything. She's also inspired me to start my own blog - which I am excited to be launching very soon!

Travel Opportunities FAQ

Where can I find opportunities?

Are you eager to win a travel opportunity, but don’t know where to start? To find opportunities, check out my free list of Funded World Travel Opportunities that I regularly update. If you want access to even more opportunities, become a Packs Light 365 Member!

How do I apply to opportunities?

When it comes to the actual application process, I have tons of resources available on my blog, including:

But I’m not a student/not from the USA/not in the right field . . .

There is no right age, location, or field for winning opportunities! There are tons of opportunities out there that cater to people from different backgrounds, so don’t write yourself off. I won a trip to South Korea after graduating from college, and one of my companions was a mother of two from Malaysia! I even have a whole blog post debunking common travel grant myths if you’re still convinced that you’re not eligible to win.

How can I connect with other young people passionate about travel?

If you are under 26 and want to connect with other young travelers, join the Young Travelers Network Facebook Group. This is a space for Gen Z travelers all around the world to interact and share travel advice and opportunities.

Should I even be applying to opportunities during the pandemic?

That’s a decision you have to make for yourself, but I strongly encourage you to keep applying. I have a video on my YouTube channel where I discuss whether you should be applying to opps in times of crises.

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