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Before you send me an email in the form below, check out my FAQ below which my answer some of your questions before you even ask them.

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The most concise answer is that I have no debt or student loans, so I’m able to save my money and spend it on what I choose to, i.e. travel. I’m blessed to have no student loans because I’ve won about $70K in scholarships to pay for my bachelor’s degree, including almost $40K in scholarships to fund my study abroad year in Dubai.

I also shop almost exclusively in thrift stores, cook most of my meals, buy travel deals on holidays like Black Friday and Christmas, stay with friends etc… aka, I hustle. With two years’ engineers’ salary saved up, living at home to minimize my expenses, and avoiding any debt, I’m in a position to travel (with my now limited PTO). Financial literacy, FTW.

In short—I would love to. If I could, I would give all of my time and information away for free to help people live their best travel lives.

But, can you see how I might become burnt out after receiving tons of these requests daily? It takes a lot of hours and attention to research trip details for an individual person.

So, though I wish I didn’t have to say this, I can’t help plan your entire trip. If you have easy, specific questions that you know I may have the answer to because I’ve already written something about it? Of course, I’ll help! But honestly, almost everything you may need to know is likely on the internet already.

Again, I’m naturally inclined to help everyone I can, but when it comes to my business and my blog I have to draw a line.

Please do not email me asking for free promotion or advertising, or with any spam or scheme. I will send you to spam.

Of course, if you have a legitimate collaboration or business proposal, I’m all ears! Please visit my work with me page, and email me at Gabby [at] PacksLight.com with information on your company, your proposal, why it would appeal to Packs Light’s audience, and the timeline and budget of your campaign.

Starting a blog, business, or brand takes a lot of commitment, more than you can probably imagine if you’re at the idea stage of it all. Be prepared for lonely nights up at 4AM editing that blog or vlog, and still feeling like it’s not perfect. Blog anyway.

For more advice, please visit my blogging section for advice on blogging, YouTubing, and social media. However, the greatest advice I can give you is that doing the grunt work and Googling and searching and failing and succeeding all on your own will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

If you’re at the bottom, be excited! The only way to go now is up, up, up.

First of all, thank you so much. Every blogger will tell you that at some point (or even at most points) they have felt unappreciated, unseen, or ignored, so you’re reaching out truly mean the world to me.

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