Packs Light Travel Opps Listing: Seek Risk, Seize Opportunity, See the World! (Last Updated: Feb 2020)

A huge thread of amazing travel opportunities in all fields, for young people! Science, international relations, education, study abroad, and more. The average application age range is 16 to 30. As a kid, I used to spend hours looking for loose change on my dad's office floor. I CONTINUE READING

11 Black-Owned Restaurants in San Diego to Patron For the Culture

Welcome to sunny San Diego! Arguably one of the best cities in the United States,  SD is famous for its historic Gaslamp District, beautiful beaches, and proximity to Mexico. One quality that it's not known for is its diversity–especially for African Americans, who only make up 6.4% of the entire city's CONTINUE READING

27 Websites that Help You Find the Cheapest Flights Available

More often than not, flights can be the most expensive part of a trip. And the most common question I receive as a travel blogger is "what are your tips for snagging the cheapest flights?" Well, more than the time of year, booking at 2AM on a Tuesday (myth) or CONTINUE READING

Scholarship Video Application Example: AYFN Winter Korea Cultural Camp Video

In January of 2020, I traveled with the ASEAN Youth Friendship Network (AYFN) to Seoul, South Korea on a funded travel opportunity. Sometimes these opps ask applicants to submit a video application and I've received multiple requests to share my successful video application. Below you'll find their video application guidelines CONTINUE READING

23 Travel Photos That Will Have You Excitedly Googling the Republic of Georgia (Photo Series)

The Republic of Georgia may be a country you've never heard of before, but after these photos, I guarantee you will be Googling cheap flights to Tbilisi. You'll discover beautiful mountain landscapes, delicious wine from a culture that has been producing for more than 8,000 years, and interesting hints of CONTINUE READING

5 Fit Travel Habits Worth Adopting to Offset Vacationitis

Personally, I travel to learn about and experience the world—not to obsess over my physique. But while you will never see me pass up a chicken alfredo or a mai tai, I also try to prevent binging unnecessarily while on vacation. Here are some simple, easy tips to not maintain CONTINUE READING

8 Influencers With Inspiring Abundance Mindsets to Follow in 2020

I’ve been in the “influencer” game since 2013, specifically in the travel niche. In no way am I an expert in influence (anyone who says they are is lying), but I’ve seen my fair share of the good and bad of this work. And inevitably, the ambition to build our CONTINUE READING

An Expat’s Dubai Dress Code: What Can Women Wear in Dubai?

Dubai, UAE is one of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring, and modern cities in the world. But despite being the modern international hub that as it is, Dubai is still a majority-Muslim country, and the culture still reflects that. One of the most common questions I had even before I moved here CONTINUE READING