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    Gabby created Packs Light as an all-inclusive travel resource to empower young people to seek risk, seize opportunity, and see the world.

    With Classes Online Because of COVID-19, Community Colleges are a Student’s Best Option this Fall

    There has long been a societal stigma against community college when compared to traditional universities. The public American public education system itself seems to ingrain in students that community college should a backup plan, a temporary thing to save money for a 4-year college. Community college is seen as inferior CONTINUE READING

    I Quit My Job to Travel Blog… And Then ‘Rona Hit: 2-Month Update

    I quit my full-time engineering job on February 14, 2020, to be a full-time travel blogger. By March 1, 2020, the coronavirus had hit my state and locked everything down... Now it's been 55 days in quarantine 🙃 Compared to my 1-week or 1-month IQMJTB update, this time I've mentally CONTINUE READING

    Funded Travel Opportunities & Competitions: Public Listing (Updated May 2020)

    A huge thread of amazing travel opportunities in all fields, for young people! Science, international relations, education, study abroad, and more. The average application age range is 16 to 30. As a kid, I used to spend hours looking for loose change on my dad's office floor. I CONTINUE READING

    Our Vacations Might Be Canceled, But Mother Nature is Having Her Hot Girl Summer

    This global pandemic has so far claimed more than 208,000 lives globally, grounded more than 2/3 of the world's passenger jets, and global travel and hospitality industry to its knees. Local DMOs, tour providers, airlines, transportation services, hotels, have all been rocked—and becoming a full-time travel influencer during this time CONTINUE READING

    Building Your Blog’s Social Media Rate Card: Free Downloadable Template!

    If you've found this article you're likely a blogger or freelancer who is has developed some level of success or following—modest or otherwise—and are looking to build a blog rate card to partner with brands. If you don't know where to start with your rate card (also called a rate CONTINUE READING

    Enjoy a Street Art Self-Tour of Richmond, Virginia (Locations Included)

    In a time of social distancing and mindfulness, it's still important to get fresh air and keep our minds engaged. So why not stay busy by tracking down and photographing as many of Richmond's street murals as possible? Richmond is comprised of 11 main neighborhoods: Church Hill, Shockoe Bottom, Downtown, CONTINUE READING

    Self-Tour Richmond, Virginia’s Street Art: Downloadable Mural Map

    Are you locked down in or near Richmond, VA? Looking for an interesting way to spend your hours and get some fresh air? This interactive map will allow you to have a free walking tour of RVA's street art! In no way is this a holistic list of all of CONTINUE READING

    Our Travel Privilege: This Travel Pause is Reality For Millions Every Day

    Imagine. You settle into your window seat with a boarding pass tightly squeezed between the pages of your passport, heading off on an international trip. You have plenty of funds to sustain your time abroad. As you arrive at your destination, you get a free visa-on-arrival and are whisked away CONTINUE READING