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Every week I share Travel Opps. This means every week, I hear the same question: What is a Travel Opp?

Let me take a step back to really break down the definition and the many types of Travel Opps that you’ll find within Packs Light.

It’s a common assumption that you must be a high school or a college student, or generally “young” to study abroad or receive funding for travel. 

But, every week I prove that that just isn’t true!

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Part of Packs Lights’ core mission is to expose the true range of opportunities that are available to young travelers, often partially or even completely funded! 

Even after so many years since my graduation, I’m still finding more and more travel grants and funded travel opportunities for people of all ages, not only students. And the same thought in my mind is:

The underlying issues are that it’s tough finding these opportunities and sorting through the ones that would worth the time and effort. Or sometimes, you find an opportunity you really want to apply to but don’t know where to start or what you have to do to actually win. 

What is a “Travel Opp”?

While ‘Travel Opp’ is not a dictionary-defined word, but it’s the term I’ve coined to best encompass all the different types of opportunities that I find, share, and believe are worth applying to. 

As an Opportunity Expert I share travel opportunities almost daily that are made for all different ages ranges from 16 to 35 years old. The requirements for each opportunity differ on a case by case basis meaning these are funded travel opportunities for everyone

You don’t have to be a student or have specific experience and some could be as simple as clicking submit!

I’ve decoded the puzzle of applying to and successfully winning this form of financial aid and to this day have racked up $75,000 worth of travel opportunities and that’s allowed me to work abroad and study abroad and see the world in a way I would’ve never otherwise. 

And I want the same for you.

These are all the different types of funded or partially-funded Travel Opps I seek and share…



Cultural Exchange Programs


Free Online Courses


Training Programs



FT/PT Job Positions

Leadership Programs

Summer Programs

Speaking Engagements



Creative Contests

Entrepreneurial Contests

Travel Contests

How do I find them?

The simple answer is that this is what I love to do. As a child, I was constantly entering writing competitions, sweepstakes, spelling bees, any sort of contest I could be part of. During high school, I applied to well over 100 scholarships to fund my college career. After graduation, I applied for well over 100 jobs that interested me.

Doing this, I’ve won monetary prizes, won once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like my study abroad, graduated debt-free, and so much more. I’ve always felt that if something is available, why not take your chances and apply for it? Because of this, I swear incredible opportunities just present themselves to me on a daily basis!

  • Watch my TEDx talk on how I use Delusional Confidence to keep applying to these opps
  • And check out see all of my posts on opportunities for more tips.



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Past Success Stories

I know what you’re thinking:

“Do people actually win these opportunities?” “I’ve applied to them before and NEVER won. I give up”


I understand your frustrations. The truth is, the reason you haven’t won any in the past is 1) you haven’t applied the right way and 2) you haven’t applied enough. We’ll talk about ways to increase your odds of success later, but to answer your question, YES people actually win these! And I help you do it.

But I won’t try to convince you myself. Listen to the past winners themselves:

World Youth Forum - Russia
World Youth Forum – Russia
Fulbright ETA - Russia
Fulbright ETA – Russia

Airbnb 100 Cooks Contest - Italy
Airbnb 100 Cooks Contest – Italy

Embassy of Azerbaijan Essay Contest
Embassy of Azerbaijan Essay Contest

Check out some examples of past winners on the Winners Wall who have received access to some pretty incredible experiences all thanks to Travel Opps!

If you’re going to get started, why not start today?

Travel Opps are released year-round. And as quickly as they are released, they are awarded. Even during a time like this, there are opportunities out there, and willing to work with dates further into the future. All they’re looking for are viable applicants and that includes you! Are they still worth applying to in the pandemic?

Yes! Watch my YouTube video that gives a more in-depth explanation. But yes, they are still being shared, they are still being awarded, though the travel dates are likely adjusted. But, yes!

If that sounds like a lot to get started on, I don’t blame you. 

If this is blowing your mind, join the 365Membership.

On Packs Light you’ll find maybe ¼ of all the opportunities I source.

In the 365Membership you’ll have access to a database with over $150,000 in travel opportunities. I will also be there to coach you one-on-one to your success.

With me as a mentor, I will be there every step of the way to guide you (some would say hound you!) and follow-up with you to make sure you’re sticking to your goals. To get you into the right mindset, there are accountability calls and you’ll even get a free Opps tracker of your own to make sure you stay organized. 

My goal is to give you everything you need so that you too can win these scholarships and see you succeed.

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Share this with your friends and family so you can all take advantage of these Travel Opps.

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Gabby Beckford

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