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This is an incomplete list of all my travel bucket list items. Incomplete in the sense that it will continue to grow and develop alongside myself. The stricken items are the ones I’ve already accomplished (but of course, will likely do again).

Comment and link me to your travel bucket lists, I’d love to see them.

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday to be abroad for, so that has it’s own special list…

New Years Eve in:

✓ Sydney Harbour, Australia (2013)
✓ Seattle, USA (2015)
New York City, USA
Dubai, UAE (2016)
✓ Cartagena, Colombia (2018)
Washington D.C., USA
– London, England
Singapore, Singapore
Copacabana, Brazil
New York City, USA
Accra, Ghana

Now on to the countries…


✓ Go on Safari, Kenya (May, 2015)

– See the Pyramids of Giza + Cruise the Nile, Egypt
– Do a 2-4 week pre-vet hands-on internship, South Africa– Explore Cape Town, South Africa
See the mountain gorillas, Rwanda
– See the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia


✓ Tokyo Disney, Japan (2002)
Mario Kart race the streets of Tokyo, Japan (Sep 2018)
Study in Dubai, UAE (Sep 2016)
Thailand (Dec 2016)
– Walk the Great Wall of China, China
– Visit the Taj Mahal; Holi Festival, India
– Visit the beautiful waterfall town of Furong ZhenChina 
– Visit peaceful Hokkaido, Japan
– Float in the Dead Sea, Jordan
– Stay at the Komandoo Island Resort, Maldives
– Kakku “Forest of Temples”, Myanmar
–  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, China
–  Shanghai Disney Resort, China


✓ Hold a koala and kangaroo, Australia (Jan 2014) 
✓ Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (Jan 2014)
✓ Skydiving, Australia (Jan 2014)


✓ Eiffel Tower, France (2000)
✓ Disneyland Paris, Paris (2000)
✓ Go backpacking, Iceland (Aug 2013) 
✓ Stone Henge, England (Mar 2015)
✓ Eye of London, England (Mar 2015)
Harry Potter Movie Set TourEngland (Mar 2015)
✓ See the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar, Turkey (May 2015)
✓ Sweden (Jul 2016)
✓  Norway (Jul 2016)
✓ Finland (Jul 2016)
✓ Eat authentic Italian food in Italy; Visit Cinque Terre, Italy (May 2018)
– Camp under the Aurora Borealis, Iceland
– Participate in La Tomatina, Spain
– Stay at the Villa Hinegg in Enmettburgen, Switzerland

North America

✓ Disneyland Resort, California, USA (2000)
✓ Grand Canyon, USA (2001)
✓ Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA (2001)
✓  Scuba dive an underwater museum, Mexico (Sep 2017)
✓  Party in Vegas, Nevada, USA (April 2019)
– Attend the Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and dress up, New York City, NY
– Attend the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky, USA
– Attend PopSugar Playground, New York, USA

– Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico
– Carnival, Trinidad and Tobago
– See active volcanos in Hawaii, USA

– Mardi Gras Festival, Louisiana, USA
– Go to Florida Forever and ride the zipline roller coasters, USA

South America

– Carnival; Visit the Amazon; See Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
– Hike to Machu Pichu, Peru
Swim in San Alfonso Del Mar, the biggest pool in the world, Chile