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Hello, fellow street art fanatics and Richmond, Virginia lovers.

This is actually a complement to my other article, “The Unknown, Underrated Street Art of Richmond, Virginia (Photo Essay)“.

In the photo essay, I explain why Richmond, VA is covered in such gorgeous street art. In this post, I’ve created an interactive¬†map of all of the street art and murals I mentioned.

By no way is this a holistic list of all of the murals in Richmond. There are than 100+ murals between all the neighborhoods, not to mention they change every year with each RVA Art Festival, RVA Mural Project, and privately commissioned art piece.

However, this interactive map will allow you to have a free walking tour of RVA’s street art. You’ll get to see at least 17 art mural and who knows, you may stumble upon some newly added pieces along the way.

Use this map in conjunction with the previous post to pick and choose which murals you’d like to see.

If you see every mural on this map it would take you around 4 hours or so walking.¬†Ride a bike, visit Richmond’s many local restaurants, bars, museums, shops, and tourist attractions! Or if you’re local, tick them off slowly.

Either way, enjoy the art.

Tip: If you star this map you can save it and keep it to finish your street art scavenger hunt another day.

Did you find this map helpful? Did you run into any new murals on your route?
Let me know in the comments.

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