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Meet 24 year old adventure traveler, Jackson Groves. Having studied journalism he loves writing, and his stories are often of people with an inspirational mission or cause. He also recently became interested in photojournalism, as you can tell by these stunning photos!

Jackson moved to Oahu, Hawaii just over a year ago from his home in Australia. This summer, he plans to go back to Australia to travel, and then head on to South East Asia with no specific dates or bookings.

MOTM Jackson Groves Jumping | Millennial Traveler Adventure Young | Packs Light
Jumping for joy I’d say!

Jackson jumping for joy after reaching this peak. Who else would kill for this sort of daily view??

He’s currently working towards having his total income earned through remote social media management.

Having grown his social media platforms from the ground up in the last 7 months he’s been the good and bad, and now wants to pass these first-hand skills onto his clients to help them succeed as well. Jackson enjoys contract journalism and photography jobs on the side as well.

MOTM Jackson Groves | Millennial Traveler Adventure Young | Packs Light

Living life to the fullest, Jackson on another gorgeous hike in Hawaii!

In his free time he spend his days on full-out adventures, on amazing hikes and exploring the beautiful island.

All of these photos are courtesy of Jackson, and I think you’d agree they couldn’t be more stunning!

MOTM Jackson Groves | Millennial Traveler Adventure Young | Packs Light

Beach every day? Yes, where do I sign up?

But alas, sorry ladies, he’s not single! He shares his adventurous lifestyle with his equally amazing girlfriend, Jessie.

Jackson and Jesse | Young, Adventure, Millennial Travelers | Packs Light
Jackson and Jesse

They’ve recently created a travel blog called Journey Era which chronicles their world tour. Their niche is, of course, adventure, and they share the most adrenaline-pumping eye-widening places they visit, along with their personal experiences.

Being a young traveler at 24, Jackson acknowledges that he’s had to make some sacrifices that the friends he grew up with haven’t had to.

Seeing many of his friends in his hometown who own apartments, nice cars, and have steady careers sometimes shows the real contrast of the lifestyle he’s chosen for himself. He also misses his family and friends, and having to leave them all behind with each new trip.

Jackson Groves

Travel comes with some sacrifices, but with as much as he gains Jackson believes it’s worth it!

But at the end of the day he has no room for regret, as these are the choices that afford him his adventurous lifestyle, and they’ve taught him to appreciate those things all the more. What keeps him going is my curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Jackson believes the important thing is to make every decision for yourself. That doesn’t mean you made the decision without asking anyone for advice—it means you made the decision. He tries his best to make every decision without wondering how he will be judged by his peers, by society, or by the world.

Sunrise Hike, Jackson Grove
Sunrise in Oahu

He says this:

“Sometimes think it would be great to stay in Hawaii, as we’re creating amazing opportunities and networks here… But my insatiable desire to feel out-of-place in a  beautiful, new location that makes me leave.

I need to wander through new streets and figure out how a society works,  admiring the beauty of each new country. When that desire fades, will be the time that we decide to find a home base.”

You can find Jackson (and Jessie!) by clicking the following:

Journery Era Facebook Page

Journey Era Instagram 

What is the purpose of this series?
This initiative is driven by my desire to inspire other people in my age range and show them that travel for us is not only invaluable but very possible—sometimes you just need to see someone else jump before you do!
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MOTM Jackson Groves | Millennial Traveler Adventure Young | Packs Light
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11 thoughts on “My Millennial Travel Story: Jackson Groves, 24 – YTN

  1. Christina

    What an amazing adventure they are having! That is fantastic that they are able to work remotely and be able to fund their travels. Living the dream that’s for sure.

  2. Hung Thai

    Great job with the interview. He seems to really live the life HE WANTS TO LIVE, not what anyone else (society, family, peers) tells him to do. Love the spirit of adventure and willingness to go out there 🙂

  3. Nina

    Very inspirational and wishing all the best to the blogging couple. I think when there is determination and action, nothing can set you back not to do what you wanted to.

  4. Megan Indoe

    Wow, I feel like this is some sort of Old Spice advertisement. There are some great action shots in there and I don’t blame Jackson for moving to Oahu. I just came from there a month ago for the first time and didn’t want to leave.

  5. shayan Naveed

    I’m 31 and turning 32 is like 10 months and feel like life is passing me by. I have always in the pursuit of adventures…since I was a kid but because of society and family, I had to go higher education and look for a corporate job, etc.

    I work in social media as well and want to give up the corporate life, work remotely (but my nationality doesn’t allow me to do that) and go on epic adventures like him. I would love to meet him sometime.

  6. Gina

    I totally agree with Jackson! Some people see their accomplishment in material objects while expats and nomads count their experiences and travels as enrichment. I still miss my family but I wouldn’t trade my life for the world!

  7. Laura @ Grassroots Nomad

    What a life! It is so cool that he is able to make money from social media – what a change from 10 years ago! Fingers crossed he is able to completely fund his travels from social media marketing in the near future 🙂

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