Intimate Insight into Gen Z Travelers: 2020 Gen Z Travel Report

by Gabby Beckford
Packs Light Gen Z Travel Survey


For immediate release: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

New Insight & Importance of Highlighting Generation Z in Travel Marketing Packs Light Gen Z Travel Report

Packs Light has published the results of its 2020 Gen Z Travel Report.

This study's objective is to highlight Generation Z's travel trends, how they've changed from 2019 to 2020, the role the pandemic has had on Gen Z's affinity to travel, and what the travel space might expect to see from the youngest generation of travelers in 2021.

This study revealed five main points who the Gen Z travelers are, what Gen Zs want to see in marketing, the personalities of Gen Z travelers and their ethics.

Highlights from the study results include:

  • Gen Z Traveler Identity: Gen Z travelers are diverse and identify themselves in a multitude of ways between ethnicity, age, work status, education level, and nationality.
  • 2019 Gen Z Travel Trends: In 2019, Gen Zs were in majority, budget-conscious travelers that preferred exploring as a unit, whether in a group with friends or family.
  • What Do Gen Zs Want To See in Marketing? Gen Zs want to be talked to by more people who understand them and relate to them. Like other Gen Zs!
  • COVID19 Insights: COVID-19 has stalled, but not stopped, Gen Zs love for travel.
  • Gen Z Traveler Personality, Ethics, and Social Media Habits: We know that Gen Z is one of the most independent thinking and awareness—it's travelers are no different.

Gen Z travelers have been historically overlooked and undervalued in travel marketing because of their age. As the generation ages year by year we become an even stronger economic driver. Packs Light is a platform built to serve and empower Gen Z travelers, and part of that is by demonstrating their influence and importance to the world.

The survey's purpose is to shed intimate insight into the newest generation of travelers and what marketing strategies they respond to. A quote from the survey showcases Gen Zs level of critical thinking and skepticism: “I don’t usually trust what ‘[millennial] social media influencers have to say about places because most of the time it’ll be a sponsored trip, so it’s usually a glowing review with nothing negative to say.” 

Overall key takeaways for the Gen Z travel survey by Packs Light:

  • Gen Z travelers are not a monolith. They are more diverse, empathetic, aware, and curious than any generation before.
  • Gen Z speaks their own language—brands need an expert, insider lens to understand them.

Packs Light plans to host a Gen Z travel conference in 2022. “I know that Gen Z will be the generation to impact the world and turn the travel industry on its head. It's in the rest of the world's best interest to stay tuned in,” says Gabby Beckford, Founder, and CEO of Packs Light.

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