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by Amber Higgins
Amber Higgins
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The Young Traveler’s Network series showcases candid guest interviews of young people worldwide and the inspiring stories of how they navigate their lives and travels. They share their stories to educate, inspire, and empower others to see the world!

This week a Young Traveler named Amber Higgins, 17, shares ways that young travelers can be mindful of sustainability while adventure traveling in all parts of the world.

In recent years adventure tourism has become extremely popular with Gen Z because it’s a fun way to get even further outside of your comfort zone while traveling.

Some adventure tourism requires more skill and precision—like paragliding or scuba diving—whereas activities like horse riding and canoeing can be almost tranquil.

Have you ever wanted to test your limits by sky diving, or kayaking in choppy waters? Here are some things you might want to know before jumping into adventure tourism.


Hiking in Petra, Jordan

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Ziplining is exhilarating!


Gen Z can find self-confidence in adventure tourism

Younger travelers can find their confidence in adventure travel! Delving into this niche makes you want to try new and challenging experiences. Even outside of traveling this skill can help with overcoming personal obstacles as well as physical. 

The experiences that are available in the industry succeed in promoting and increasing the interest of adventure through fitness activities. There are plenty of health benefits connected to adventure tourism, both mentally and physically.

It is common knowledge that exercise and fresh air will help you sleep better, and better sleep quality will further help your moods and mental well being. Other health benefits include improving your immune system and giving your brain a good reboot!

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Horse riding in Mallorca, Spain

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Paddleboarding in the Bahamas

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Snow hiking to spot the Northern Lights


What should I consider when it comes to adventure tourism?

Many of these experiences are exhilarating and wild, and many things should be considered before your travels. Visiting indigenous destinations has recently become a popular experience among young people. 

However, within the industry, it is slowly becoming less of cultural experience and more of a business opportunity for the locals who are offering certain activities to tourists. You should be aware of who you’re giving your business to before participating in any experiences while traveling. 

Pro tip: Before your travels, make sure to research the culture first and make sure it isn't exploiting people’s way of life for the benefit of adventure tourism; this is something everyone should be mindful of in the future of the industry.

How can I also be mindful of the planet?

It is important to consider pollution and climate change when being an adventure traveler (or when traveling in general). The three most common types of pollution that appear are air, water, and land pollution.

Young travelers, more specifically Gen Z are also becoming more concerned with this issue. 

We should be mindful of how wildlife is affected as a result of these activities. For example when scuba diving, if tourists touch or break off parts of the ocean’s reef, the coral experiences stress.

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They are living fauna and when this happens they automatically depend on intrusive instincts. This results in bleaching, which kills off the reef and is becoming a large problem within the adventure tourism industry.

Deciding where to travel is an important thing to consider when taking into account how this affects the planet. One of the main destinations that are vulnerable to the effects of the adventure tourism industry is Antarctica, where traveling may go kayaking or whale watching.

Global warming is an important issue in the world right now, and the sea levels are constantly rising which puts tourists at risk. Places such as Australia and California have a high risk of forest fires which also pose a risk to tourists. 


I love cycling!

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Canoeing in the Norfolk rivers


How can I get involved?

Are you planning on stepping outside your comfort zone and testing your limits through adventure tourism activities and experiences?

Adventure travel is great to experience not just in the summer but throughout all seasons on any budget! That’s right! Even us Gen Zers can get involved! 

There are many ways to choose activities that have multiple benefits, both for you and the communities you plan to visit that can have positive outcomes and impacts. Don’t forget to keep this in mind for your future travel plans.

What is your favorite adventure tourism activity? What would you love to try?
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