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Pick Gabby’s brain in these 30-minute consultations. Ask her about blogging, traveling as a 23-year-old, or that one question you’ve been itching to ask her for months!

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Who is Gabby Beckford?

Gabby is a world traveler, content creator, opportunity expert, and digital entrepreneur. She started this blog in 2013 at only 17-years-old, after returning home from her first solo trip. In Gabby’s 24 years of life, she has:

  • Won multiple scholarships worth thousands of dollars, totaling $69,000
  • Skydived over the Great Barrier Reef
  • Maintains an active directory of young, funded travel opportunities on her blog and her Instagram stories
  • Won $4OK in specifically study abroad scholarships, allowing her to study in Dubai, UAE completely funded for one academic year
  • Scubadove an underwater museum in Mexico
  • Was deemed Overall Winner in the first Blog Like a Boss Class, an intensive 3-month course taught by uber-successful blogger, Gloria Atanmo
  • Eaten at the only ‘6-star hotel in the world’ in Dubai
  • Helped young traveler Frances (20) win the opportunity to go to Azerbaijan for one-week, completely funded!

What can I ask her about?

Consider the following topics:

  • Past travels – Have I been to one of the countries that you’re interested in visiting? Ask me about it!
  • Funded Travel Opportunities – how to find them
  • Blogging – I have been blogging for 6 years! I can tell you the fundamentals of how to get started, the state of the industry, and everything I wish I knew when I began.
  • Instagram Success – how I gained 3,000 Instagram followers in 3 months
  • Solo Female Travel – Having visited 6 countries on my own and explored by myself
  • Writing – Get one-on-one feedback from me about your writing and my recommendations


  1. Pick a time and date
  2. When you go to book, please explain what topics you’d like to meet about in the comments.
  3. All Pick-My-Brain sessions will be hosted via Zoom, which requires no downloads or preparation. I will send you the unique link at least 24 hours before our meeting time. Video call is standard for women, and optional for men if the topic is business or entrepreneurial related.

Refund Policy:

If you cancel your appointment 72 hours in advance you can receive a 90% refund

If you cancel within 24 hours you can receive a 50% refund

1 review for Pick My Brain Consultation Session

  1. Frances

    I consider myself to be a frequent and experienced traveler. I’ve had a chance to work in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and have spent a year abroad in Germany and Austria. When I saw the chance to visit country #36 on my Instagram feed, I knew I had to act fast! Gabby’s post in May about a scholarship to visit Azerbaijan for a week immediately sparked my interest. My mom was born in Azerbaijan in the 1960’s when my grandparents were on a business trip in the Caucus Mountains (they worked as topographers in the Soviet Union), and it has always been a place I wanted to visit. When I saw that I was only 1000-2500 words away from going for free, I knew that this was my chance! I spent a few days reading articles about exchange programs in Azerbaijan (my line of work is in international education) and decided on an essay topic – The Importance of Exchange Programs Between Azerbaijan and the United States, wrote the essay, submitted a short application, and hit send!
    A few months later, I received an email from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States letting me know that I was selected a winner of the contest and that I would be joining two other Americans on the free trip! One week later, I found myself in an Uber to Dulles International, passport in hand, ready to travel. Three Americans joined a group of 40 students and young professionals on a week long trip through Baku, Shekhi, and Ismailli. For most of us, this was our first time in Azerbaijan. We enjoyed comfortable accommodation, fun (and long) bus rides through the mountains, delicious food, and a lot of new friendships. Some highlights from the trip included visiting Heydar Aliev Center, receiving an award from the Minister of Youth and Sport, watching the famous Fire Towers at night, and a stop at the first wine festival in Azerbaijan.
    Although I work for a competitive international scholarship program, I never felt like I was the “correct” type of candidate who could win competitive awards that would fund my travels. I am so happy that I took a chance and entered this competition because this time, I won! Thanks so much to Gabby for cultivating such a great online presence and for putting these opportunities out there. I especially loved telling others on the trip that I learned about the scholarship program on Instagram! Gabby was so excited to hear that I applied and was even MORE excited when I told her I won! Thanks for the support and for sharing the opportunity. I wouldn’t have learned about it without you.

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