Packs Light Pitch Tracker




With this Packs Light Opportunity Tracker Spreadsheet (+ complimentary Packs Light Opportunity Tracking Spreadsheet Instructions), you will be able to track the following aspects of your pitches/opportunities.

  • status of your opportunity
  • (intended) pitch date
  • opportunity deadline
  • opportunity topic/article title
  • opportunity type
  • follow up status
  • acceptance status
  • any notes
  • relevant link(s)
  • and any follow-up dates

Who can use this template?

Absolutely anyone. Solopreneur, entrepreneur, business owner, Instagram influencer, or average human being! Aside from the obvious business partnership pitches, it could be used if you need to track applications to multiple jobs, scholarships, etc. This spreadsheet of more than 200 interactive, color-coded rows is only limited by your own imagination.

This spreadsheet will also benefit your business in the following ways:

metric image

Great source of business metrics

In my opinion, the greatest benefit of using this Pitch Tracker is to have the metrics to be able to know exactly what’s happening in any niche, for any business.

Pitching metrics will show you exactly what percentage of pitches you are successful in compared to the percentage that you follow up on, or compared to the type of pitches that you’re sending out. By tracking this data point you can begin to uncover patterns and adjust your business model to be more successful.

Pitch faster, more systematically  

With the concise and pertinent fields I’ve included, you can streamline your pitching process. Cut out the sticky notes, iPhone notes, and foggy memory on who you need to reach out to or what you need to submit by what date.

Using this tool, you can systematically send multiple pitches a day and track your ongoing progress. Color codes will keep you in check. And you’ll be able to assess your pitch success at a simple glance.



When you see a constant pattern of success or are able to 80/20* your efforts to be more efficient, you will motivate yourself to work harder!

Success breeds success, that’s obvious. Let this document be your progress report, your report card, and your own self-critique.


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