Go Remote Guide to 2021


A 53-page guidebook on seeking and securing online remote work, and utilizing the emerging digital nomad visas!



The Go Remote Guide to 2021 is an all-inclusive guide for working remotely in 2021. it delves into the recent book in of digital nomad visas and their individual requirements. There are countries that are actually begging you to visit next year!

I, full-time travel blogger Gabby Beckford, also give you my top tips for securing remote work: whether that’s turning your current position from work from home into work from anywhere, or finding a new job that gives you the freedom to travel and work.


What is remote work?

What is a Remote Work Visa?

How to Find a Remote Job

113+ remote job ideas

Remote Work Resources

Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

– Average Rent

– Visa Details

– WiFi Quality

– COVID19 updates

– Living and working abroad while Black

– & more!


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