A Spring Breaker’s Guide to A Poppin’ Spain & Portugal Holiday

The following is a guest post by my friend Becca Huxley of BeeWanderlust.com, on her Spring Break experience exploring Spain and Portugal. Both Spain and Portugal have been high on my travel list for the longest time because of the amazing culture, food, and warm community vibes I'd always gotten from CONTINUE READING

How I Saw The World As Just A Teenager! (Andrea, 22) – MOTM

The Millennials on the Move series' goal is to showcase candid interviews of young millennials and the inspiring stories of how they navigate the world despite the many challenges of travel at such a young age. From study abroad to becoming an expat in some of the most remote corners CONTINUE READING

Coming Home from Studying Abroad: Reverse Culture Shock and Identity

My senior year of college I applied to a national scholarship and unexpectedly won, prompting me to move to Dubai, UAE for 9 months to study abroad. The entire experience was life changing, and I did things I never would have gotten to do otherwise (how many people can say they partied in CONTINUE READING

A Washington D.C. Bucket List: 74 Ways to Experience the Nation’s Capital

Welcome to my city! As a DMV local for the majority of my life and a frequent Washington, D.C. explorer, let me tell you now that you're going to love it here. I made this Washington D.C. bucket list not only as a tool for travelers to get the most of CONTINUE READING

You Won’t Believe Where These 10 Landscape Photos Were Taken!

While Earth is infinitely diverse in its nature, certain regions are known for their distinct landscapes. (more…)

How to Deal With the “Missed Connections” of Travel

We have all had trips in which we've run into a kindred spirit. You know what I mean. Maybe in your hostel you sit next to someone for breakfast, or at the market in Saigon you ask someone for the time—and you guys just click in a totally Step Brothers, CONTINUE READING