How I Tackle Loneliness as a Solo Female Traveler (Danielle, 23) – MOTM

This is Danielle-Lucy, a 23-year-old, solo, female traveler. Originally from Javea, Spain, she is also a certified millennial vagabond. She travels practically non-stop, pausing in some countries only long enough to save money to continue her global travels. For the last few months she's been working in paradise on Hayman Island in the Whitsundays, CONTINUE READING

Review: Happy Adventures Tourism, Dubai, UAE

Almost immediately after I arrived in Dubai in September, I was presented with an awesome opportunity to go on my first desert safari. I'd heard about desert safari's in Dubai as one of the things I must do while here, so I woke up very excited knowing I was finally going on one! CONTINUE READING

It’s Okay to Not Have a Core Friend Group (Especially if You Travel)

Group chat that has a minimum of 50 new messages at all times. An assumed invite to every dinner date, movie, mall-trip, and hangout session. Being intuitively associated with 8 other people when one of your names are said aloud. You and your friends receiving, “Hey, where’s (insert one of many CONTINUE READING

Review: Meat Me at the W Hotel, Dubai

Now this post make come as a real surprise to those who know me (i.e. know my life as a broke college student), but I am so excited to be writing it! (more…)

Study Abroad Dubai: One Month In, And It’s Still Hot as Hell

Well, I made it. I've yet to be in a mysterious travel accident, contract some weird water-born parasite, or fall off of the Burj Khalifa. One month down on my 8 month study abroad experience in Dubai. (more…)

Oman Adventures: Cliff Jumping in Wadi Al Arbaeen

When you think of cliff jumping, what do you think of as the best locations for it? My first thought is Colorado in the United States, or maybe off of the coast of Australia. Little did you know that Oman was recently declared the most underrated hotspot of cliff jumping and CONTINUE READING

Study Abroad Scholarships: How I Won $40K and How You Can Too!

Studying abroad and scholarships are two elements of college that are  misunderstood, underutilized, and shrouded in mystery. Luckily I've decoded the puzzle of applying to and successfully winning scholarships, and to this day have racked up $69,264 in total college scholarships, of which $41,027 is being used exclusively for my two-semester study abroad this CONTINUE READING

Working Abroad: Keri Mau, 25 – MOTM

Meet this weeks millennial on the move, Keri Mau! (more…)