Debunking 8 Common Study Abroad Scholarship Myths

Today, I volunteered at my university's Scholarship Office booth at our the Study Abroad Fair, and tried to convince people to apply for study abroad scholarships... Key word here being convince. (more…)

A Washington D.C. Bucket List: 74 Ways to Experience the Nation’s Capital

Welcome to my city! As a DMV local for the majority of my life and a frequent Washington, D.C. explorer, let me tell you now that you're going to love it here. I made this Washington D.C. bucket list not only as a tool for travelers to get the most of CONTINUE READING

You Won’t Believe Where These 10 Landscape Photos Were Taken!

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How to Deal With the “Missed Connections” of Travel

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Scuba Diving Cancun: MUSA, an Underwater Museum of Art!

Most people have likely seen photos of an underwater museum on social media or some Buzzfeed article, but think they'd be in a situation to see one themselves. So imagine my surprise when I'm looking for interesting excursions to do while on my trip to Cancun, and find out there's a freakin' underwater museum not CONTINUE READING