Study Abroad Scholarships: How I Won $40,000 and How You Can Too!

Education abroad and study abroad scholarships are two elements of university life that are misunderstood, underutilized, and shrouded in mystery. Luckily, I've decoded the puzzle of applying to and successfully winning this form of financial aid, and to this day have racked up $69,264 in total, of which $41,027 in study abroad scholarships being CONTINUE READING

The Top 40+ Active Facebook Travel Groups to Join in 2019

Facebook groups are incredible forums for connecting with others in your local community or around the globe. Being in the travel niche especially I've found Facebook groups great places to ask locals questions, meet up with friends when I'm traveling solo, vent about travel mishaps, and generally have a good CONTINUE READING

How to Take More College Trips When You’re A Broke & Busy Student

I took countless college trips and visited 10+ new countries as a full-time undergraduate student. Each trip was at least one week, and I paid for it all myself. No parents, no inheritance, I didn't drop out, and I had no sugar daddy. 8 countries? How did I have the CONTINUE READING

The Unknown, Underrated Street Art of Richmond, VA (Photo Essay!)

Popular destinations for street art include cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Pittsburgh—but there's something about Richmond and it's murals that have a unique aesthetic. Here, the murals are as common as windows and doors, adorning every available surface possible and make the city feel welcoming and energized. Richmond is CONTINUE READING

16 Travel and Study Abroad Scholarships for Kids in Grade K-12

The following scholarships are either travel-related contests, study abroad scholarships, or grants for travel given to students from grades K-12. It's a common idea that you must be a high school or college student to study abroad or travel as a student. One of the main objectives of my blog is CONTINUE READING

7 Tips on How to Gain the Confidence to Travel Solo (Bye, Flaky Friends!)

I grew up in a family that was very accustomed to traveling and was raised with it as much a priority in life as food and shelter. At 15 years old, I was flying across the country by myself to visit family, and I embarked on my first solo trip CONTINUE READING

7 Ways You Can “Travel” With No Time or Money: How to Incorporate Travel into Your Daily Life

1.) Decorate your workspace One of the most simple things I’ve recently done to cure my limited-PTO blues is to decorate my office space. I simply printed off my favorite Instagram travel photos and put them up, put up some cheesy travel quotes (don’t front, we all love them), and CONTINUE READING

Where to Stay in Cartagena? The #1 Cartagena Airbnb with a View to DIE For!

I've stayed at my fair share of Airbnb and have realized that my accommodations play a huge role in the overall quality of my trip. As a solo female traveler, the amenities, location, security, and beauty in an Airbnb mean especially a lot to me and my comfort level in CONTINUE READING