Where to Stay in Cartagena? The #1 Cartagena Airbnb with a View to DIE For!

I've stayed at my fair share of Airbnb and have realized that my accommodations play a huge role in the overall quality of my trip. As a solo female traveler, the amenities, location, security, and beauty in an Airbnb mean especially a lot to me and my comfort level in CONTINUE READING

An Interview with Woni Spotts: How She Visited Every Country in the World

This is an interview with Woni Spotts, the first black woman to visit every country in the world. This is actually Part 2 to her introductory article where I present her to the world and give a synopsis of who she is, what she did, and why she's credible. The following CONTINUE READING

Breaking the Story of Woni Spotts: The First Black Woman to Visit Every Country in the World

"Wait, what is a Woni Spotts?" It was my thought when I first saw her name associated with being a record setter. I saw a Twitter thread by black travel bloggers referencing a blurry picture of a woman named Woni and saying that she was the first black woman to CONTINUE READING

Live Like I’m Dying: How I Became Addicted to Adventure Travel As a Young, Black Male (Nadji, 25) – MOTM

The Millennials on the Move series showcases candid interviews of young people worldwide and the inspiring stories of how they navigate their lives and travels. From weekend trips to volunteering in some of the most remote corners of the world, these young travelers share their stories to educate, inspire, and CONTINUE READING

Luxury Travel For Less: How to Take Budget Vacations with VIP Vibes

Have you ever wanted to take a luxury vacation but student loans, credit card bills, an entry-level salary, and/or general not-richness prevents you from traveling the first-class lifestyle you know you deserve? As a financially strapped 20-something, trust me, I relate. But as a travel blogger who has visited 28 countries and CONTINUE READING

Is Travel Worth the Risks? If I Die While Traveling, You Should Know…

Not so long ago, I had plans to visit the Middle East for the very first time. The usual worries: "It's not safe!" "Why go there?" "It's just not worth the risk." Before then, the closest I'd ever come was a long weekend in Turkey. Like any adventure I embark on, CONTINUE READING

9 REAL Tips to Get REAL Instagram Followers in 2019

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Around the World via Cartagena’s Barrios: Antwerp to Cairo to Lebanon—En la Ciudad (In the City)!

I was in Cartagena, Colombia for 2019 New Year's Eve when I noticed something peculiar while expertly navigating (read: aimlessly wandering) the streets of Cartagena. While looking around on Google Maps for popular tourist spots I should check out, I noticed something interesting. The Airbnb that I was staying in CONTINUE READING