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    Gabby created Packs Light as an all-inclusive travel resource to empower young people to seek risk, seize opportunity, and see the world.

    How I Gained A New Perspective on my Country and Culture After Traveling (Rhea, 23) – YTN

    The Young Traveler’s Network series showcases candid guest interviews of young people worldwide and the inspiring stories of how they navigate their lives and travels. They share their stories to educate, inspire, and empower others to see the world! This week a Young Traveler named Rhea Rupani, 23, shares her CONTINUE READING

    My Travel (Mis)adventures: Getting Lost in An Oman Wadi

    Storytime! My Instagram followers begged, so here it is. That time I got lost in a canyon in Oman with no food or water, and... well you'll find out the rest.  You can watch the video account of the story here:    A "simple" visa run to Oman It was CONTINUE READING

    A Gen Z Guide to Telling Your Parents You Will Still Love Travel Post-Lockdown

    Every travel lover has one recurring daydream on their mind during this time of lockdown—when can we travel again, and how will it be different post-COVID? Though there are no exact answers, we cling every day to news reports hoping that cases are declining and leisure travel is somewhere on CONTINUE READING

    Bring #BlackLivesMatter Into Your Travels: How to Be a Better Ally

    The Black human experience has been gotten a lot of media attention recently because of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, it's a movement, not a moment. As a founder member of the Black Travel Alliance, I believe in the amplification of Black narratives in all areas, including the travel space. Devote CONTINUE READING

    15 Gen Z’s Share their Adjusted Summer Travel Plans For 2020

    In the first few months of this year, it's safe to assume we were all getting prepared and excited for our summer travel plans: vacations, graduations, spring breaks, etc. Remember when everybody was saying "2020 is gonna be my year!"? Little did we know that Coronavirus was right around the CONTINUE READING

    9 REAL Tips to Get REAL Instagram Followers in 2020

    Getting your Instagram in front of new eyes and gaining organic followers is seemingly impossible in 2020.  Common social media advice to gain IG followers is to post quality content, use hashtags, and get reposted on bigger accounts. These are valid tips that you should be trying to implement, but CONTINUE READING

    Top 10 Black-Owned Food Spots in Sanibel & Ft Myers, Florida

    I went to the Fort Myers and Sanibel area on a whim as my first post-quarantine vacation of this pandemic. My family and I found an incredible Airbnb deal that was essentially an all-inclusive paradise that we could quarantine in for the week. The only thing left was to figure CONTINUE READING

    A Local’s Perspective to Barbados Reopening to Travelers This Week

    The country of Barbados is welcoming its first scheduled flights this week after adjusting it's travel advisory and resuming flights to the island on Sunday, June 12th. We can proudly assume that Barbados is practically COVID free right now and ready to safely welcome visitors back to our shores. However, CONTINUE READING