Cheapest Travel Insurance for Millennials, Students, and Study Abroads

If you travel, you need travel insurance. Period. But with some great and some not so great travel insurance companies out there, which policy will give you the most benefits for the best price? More importantly, do any cater especially to the younger generation? As millennials, insurance is usually at CONTINUE READING

Building Your Rate Card (+Free Downloadable Template!)

If you're here, you're likely a blogger who is has developed some level of success or following, modest or otherwise, and now want to begin partnering with brands, tourism boards, and other companies with a blog rate card. Don't have a rate card? This article will help you build an efficient, CONTINUE READING

Why Leavenworth, WA Should Be Your Next Winter Destination!

When I first heard that my mother and grandmother wanted to go to Leavenworth, WA, a city supposedly styled as an old Bavarian town, I'll be honest and say that an involuntary groan may have slipped out.  Well, after only three hours in this quaint little town, I can guarantee that CONTINUE READING

Spring Break in Puerto Rico: Free Itinerary and Cost Breakdown

Last year I spent my spring break in London, England. I had an amazing time but let's just say I wasn't drinking mojitos in my bikini at any point during the trip. Well this year I did a 180° turn and planned a fun-filled, sun-filled week in Puerto Rico! My friend Hannah CONTINUE READING

An Expat’s Dubai Dress Code: What Can Women Wear in Dubai in 2018?

Dubai, UAE is one of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring, and modern cities in the world. But despite being the modern international hub that as it is, Dubai is still a majority-Muslim country, and the culture still reflects that. One of the most common questions I had even before I moved here CONTINUE READING

How to Travel as a Full-Time College Student: My College Trips & Tips

I visited 8 countries completely independently as a traditional public university, for at least a week for each trip. No parents paying, no inheritance, no pilot father, no sugar daddy. 8 countries? How did I have the time, money, or opportunities with tuition, classes, and college life? Travel as a CONTINUE READING

Sri Lanka Photojournal: Wanderlusting Travel Photos from Kandy to Bentota

I was in Sri Lanka for a 5-day all-inclusive Groupon Getaway (read about how that experience went, here), and to this day the country is one of the most diverse, affordable, humbling, peaceful, and natural locations I've ever been to. Our stops included the capital of Colombo, and the cities CONTINUE READING

8 Heartwarming Things About Chattanooga, TN That Will Make You “Aww!” Out Loud and Visit ASAP

Recently I visited Chattanooga Tennessee via invitation of Chattanooga Fun, and had my preconceptions and expectations completely blown away. As a millennial traveler , here are some things about Chattanooga truly unique from any other destination, and made me literally "aww!" out loud. *Disclosure: This was a comped trip, but CONTINUE READING