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    Gabby created Packs Light as an all-inclusive travel resource to empower young people to seek risk, seize opportunity, and see the world.

    How to Make Your Study Abroad A Cultural Immersion & More Than Just a Semester Long Vacation

    People often stick so close to their comfort zones that even while traveling the world they don't stray from familiar foods or attempt to connect with people who live or look differently from them. You may find it hard to spark friendships with locals and step into what you are CONTINUE READING

    Are Travel Opps ONLY For Young People and Students? (Spoiler Alert: No)

    "Am I too old to apply to travel opps? Will I be within the age requirements? Are there any opps for 18+ out there?" These are questions I hear all too often, the misconception being that travel opps are solely designed for students or young people. I’m here to prove CONTINUE READING

    The Island of Fuerteventura: Everything to Know About Visiting During the Pandemic

    What do you think of when you hear "The Canary Islands"? Is it gracefully scattered land atop bright blue waters? Or the smiles of European holiday-goers bathed in an endless African sun? Perhaps it's even the warm sound of Spanish filling the streets, a reminder of the island's roots in mainland CONTINUE READING

    10 Road Trip Must-Sees & Do’s in Columbia, Missouri

    Welcome to the warm mist that wakes up all of us Midwesterners with the smell of a freshly brewed beverage as you travel to the top 10 places that this college town has to offer. This place has a vast range of activities for visitors and Missourians to enjoy a CONTINUE READING

    10 Black-Owned Restaurants in Columbia, MO To Support All Day, Every Day

    In this Midwestern college town, you find most of us running for coffee in our favorite coffee shops or going out for dinner. There are over 20 restaurants in their niche foodie areas from traditional pizzerias to food fusions throughout CoMo. Economic Policy Institute mentions that the average wealth for white CONTINUE READING

    5 Essential Road Trip Apps For Gen Z This Fall

    Coronavirus has undeniably slowed down international travel and most people have turned to outdoor adventure and road trips this summer—and Gen Z is no exception! Here are 5 essential road trip apps you should download before heading out. [bctt tweet="I wish I'd known about these road trip apps! Currently downloading CONTINUE READING

    How Does Gen Z Feel About Leisure Travel During the Pandemic?

    We are now 6 months into pandemic times, and while some countries have eased their restrictions on travel during the pandemic, it is still affecting the day-to-day life of young people worldwide.  Gen Z is not a monolith in terms of how we're dealing with the virus and is very CONTINUE READING

    What is a Travel Opp? How I Travel the World For Free and You Can Too

    Every week I share Travel Opps. This means every week, I hear the same question: What is a Travel Opp? Let me take a step back to really break down the definition and the many types of Travel Opps that you’ll find within Packs Light. It’s a common assumption that CONTINUE READING