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    How Late Can You Visit the Tulips in the Netherlands?

    The tulip fields of the Netherlands are global phenomenon, and millions of tourists flock to see the gorgeous flowers every year. (more…)

    Where to Stay for Cheap in Tbilisi, Georgia?

    Welcome to Tbilisi, Georgia! You're in for a great trip, and a great stay. Perhaps you're here because you caught one of the new Gulf Air or FlyDubai flight deals here like I did, maybe you've heard about the amazing food and wine here, or maybe you were trying to catch CONTINUE READING

    Why Dubai Miracle Gardens is an Instagram-Addict’s Paradise!

    Dubai Miracle Gardens—a vast, colorful garden blooming in the middle of this desert city. Dubai Miracle Gardens is an enormous park, a mere 15 minute taxi ride from Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road. With a mere 40AED ($11USD) entrance fee, you can enjoy the gorgeous bloom any time from November to the end of May. Now when CONTINUE READING

    Why I Did NOT Want to Visit Thailand… My Experience in the Cliche “Paradise”

    When I heard that my study abroad friends wanted to head to Thailand on our Spring Break my first thought was, “...Why?” In all of my travels, I felt like I must have been the only person who had never felt an inkling of desire to go to Thailand. Nothing against CONTINUE READING

    How I Vacation as an Adventurous Vegetarian: Jessica, 25 – YTN

    Meet Jessica—a 25-year-old avid traveler and veggie-eater, born and raised in Santa Cruz, California! Her interview is focused on how her dietary habits developed, and how they affect her travels as a young, ever-moving millennial.  (more…)