Interactive Google Map of Richmond, Virginia’s Street Art: A Mural Scavenger Hunt

Hello, fellow street art fanatics and Richmond, Virginia lovers. This is actually a complement to my other article, "The Unknown, Underrated Street Art of Richmond, Virginia (Photo Essay)". In the photo essay, I explain why Richmond, VA is covered in such gorgeous street art. In this post, I've created an CONTINUE READING

Why Dubai Miracle Gardens is an Instagram-Addict’s Paradise!

Dubai Miracle Gardens—a vast, colorful garden blooming in the middle of this desert city. Dubai Miracle Gardens is an enormous park, a mere 15 minute taxi ride from Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road. With a mere 40AED ($11USD) entrance fee, you can enjoy the gorgeous bloom any time from November to the end of May. Now when CONTINUE READING

Why I Did NOT Want to Visit Thailand… My Experience in the Cliche “Paradise”

When I heard that my study abroad friends wanted to head to Thailand on our Spring Break my first thought was, “...Why?” In all of my travels, I felt like I must have been the only person who had never felt an inkling of desire to go to Thailand. Nothing against CONTINUE READING

How I Vacation as an Adventurous Vegetarian: Jessica, 25 – MOTM

Meet Jessica—a 25-year-old avid traveler and veggie-eater, born and raised in Santa Cruz, California! Her interview is focused on how her dietary habits developed, and how they affect her travels as a young, ever-moving millennial.  (more…)

How I Travel With a Third-World Passport (Kiara, 22) – MOTM

Meet Kiara Mijares, a 22-year old writer and web designer from the Philippines. Kiara recently graduated with a degree in Psychology minor in Finance, and was headed towards a career in corporate finance... before deciding to book a plane ticket to Europe instead. Two things to know about Kiara: she CONTINUE READING

Åre, Sweden in the Summertime (Video)

Where? Åre! The above video was shot in Åre, Sweden in July 2016 as part of my Scandinavian tour, where I hit Sweden, Finland, and Norway in one trip! Pin me I've talked before about how incredible a city Stockholm was, and how much I am CONTINUE READING

Stockholm’s Royal Canal and Archipelago: Video Tour!

Wanna get the most from this article? Watch the video first! I took this boat tour through Stockholm's Royal Canal during my Scandinavian holiday in July 2016. I was specifically in Stockholm that week for the TBEX travel blogging conference and nice enough, with each travel blogger's registration we got complimentary Stockholm Passes (We love CONTINUE READING

Why I Will Not Go Back to Dubai Butterfly Garden: A Review

Many people don't know this, but I've always been somewhat obsessed with butterflies and butterfly gardens. (more…)