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The Young Traveler’s Network series showcases candid interviews of young people worldwide and the inspiring stories of how they navigate their lives and travels. From studying abroad to becoming an ex-pat in some of the most remote corners of the world, these young travelers share their stories to educate, inspire, and empower others to take a travel risk or two.

Monika is 25 years old and is originally is from Poland, though she now lives in Morocco.

She moved to Casablanca in 2013, following her receipt of a Bachelor of the Arts in teaching English. Morocco is now her heart, and her blog Bewildered In Morocco displays this as she writes numerous articles about her life in Morocco and her perspective as an ex-pat there.

Straight from her website, Monika chose Morocco because:

It’s a bewildering country of endless possibilities. It’s not a place for people who want an easy life–but I love challenges, so here I am.

Morocco provides you everything; opportunities, culture shocks and diversity. It is a place where traditions clash with modernity,  luxury houses are built next to slums, a country where you can enjoy the sea, the ocean, mountains, forests and desert.

MOTM Monika Miziniska| Millennial Traveler Young Adventure | Packs Light
Morocco is a place of contrasting brilliance! Just like this photo, Monika faces that brilliance head-on and unafraid, despite being so young.

Regarding her passions, Monika has a love of dance that has lasted her entire life. She herself was a dancer for many years until a knee injury in 2010, causing her to stop dancing. She misses it dearly, but thinks her love of dance, and particularly African-influenced dances, may have played a part in her moving to Morocco!

She’s so grateful for this because she believes that her knowledge of music and dance has given her insight into Moroccan culture that she believes she wouldn’t have been able to understand otherwise.

MOTM Monika Miziniska| Millennial Traveler Young Adventure | Packs Light
Though she can’t dance anymore, Monika has lost none of her grace. Look at this gorgeous shot! Imagine the possibilities she sees in the distance!

Like most travelers, and perhaps especially the young ones, money is an endless issue (preach, sista!). She also says once you choose a life of travel though, money seems to shift in line with your priorities.

Instead of dollar values, that new iPhone now equals the price of a plane ticket, and a cup of coffee at Starbucks could be a cup of coffee in Istanbul.

Aside from the pressures of money, Monika feels pressure from both family and friends who also have expectations for you—usually including a husband, a white picket fence, a master’s degree, and some “sense”… There’s also the occasional traveler’s nostalgia, where you’re happy you’re out living an amazing life but can’t help but think of the life you left behind as well.

MOTM Monika Miziniska| Millennial Traveler Young Adventure | Packs Light
Young, wild, free. Alhamdullilah.

But Monika can’t stop now. What keeps her on her toes for her next adventure is the need to explore, and to soak up as many new things and places into her life as possible. Her favorite thing to say is that “the interaction between people from different cultures through travel is the best way to learn”.

If someone were young and hesitant to travel, Monika would tell them that when you start living, you start learning. So start traveling!

If you’d like to connect with Monika and learn even more about her life as a young traveler, you can connect with her on the following social media:

Bewildered in Morocco BlogMonika’s Instagram

What is the purpose of this series?

This initiative is driven by my desire to inspire other people in my age range and show them that travel for us is not only invaluable but very possible—sometimes you just need to see someone else jump before you do!
If you’re interested in being featured and you are younger than 26-years-old, apply here.

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  1. Sara White

    This was definitely interesting to read. I’ve been fascinated with Morocco for years now (have travelled there twice and am going back next month), and I love hearing the stories of people who actually live there. Thanks for sharing this!

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