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Living and working in Dubai, UAE has one of the biggest privileges of my life when it comes to being a digital storyteller and travel blogger. The service industry here is unparalleled and for the cost, the level of luxury seriously boggles my mind. I was invited to the W Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City for a meal in their Level Seven restaurant.

UPDATE 06/26/19: The W Hotel Al Habtoor City is no longer a Marriott franchise and as of August 1, 2018,  is now known as the V Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton.

The theme of the night was ‘Meat Me’, and it was very nice to meet them. But before I get into all that, here are some details about the night:

What: Meat Me Monday—A buffet of meats including cold cuts, steaks, seafood delights, tender, lamb, and more.

Where: Level Seven, W Dubai Hotel Al Habtoor City

When: Every Monday from 7 PM – 11 PM

Price: 260AED, or $71 USD

When I walked into the restaurant I saw that the food was served luxury-buffet style with artisan chefs standing waiting to carve up beef filets, fish, chicken, ox, and other tasty beasts for our treats (but no pork!)

My +1 and I were greeted warmly and led to our table via the dining room.

I noticed that Level Seven was divided into different sections for dine-in, leisure, and lounge. When we were seated at our table the staff brought out stools for our purses and briefed us on the layout of the buffet and the menu for the night.

Sigh, purse stools… I love Dubai.

Purse Stool

After ordering a bottle of Chianti to go with our meal we began our stalk at the starters. The raw seafood bar and cold cuts couldn’t be passed up, and the chipotle aioli dipping sauce I tried it with actually complimented it surprisingly well.

Right next door was lamb tajine—an Indian dish—and of course traditional biryani.

I did appreciate how Level Seven was sensitive to its diverse clientele and made sure that the food was culturally diverse too. I saw Spanish-style seafood paella, Italian beef ravioli, Mexican style carne asada tacos, and more.

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

Raw salmon, seasoned chicken breast, lamb chops, and Angus beef sirloins were available raw to be cooked in front of you to your liking.

One of my absolute favorite dishes of the night was the “individual” portions of cod and foie gras. I say an individual with quotation marks because I ate enough to feed a small family, but it was impossible not to!

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

Oysters atW Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

While politely ravaging the meat mountain I’d accumulated from my buffet rounds, I also enjoyed their tomato bisque and seafood paella, both of which I can’t recommend enough.

And in the midst of all of that our attendant Josh brought over a selection of high-quality steak, sirloin, and ribeye to choose from— I chose the fillet steak while my companion chose the sirloin.

Note: the Meat Me Monday deal is not alcohol inclusive. But on Sunday’s the wine menu is at a 25% discount, so a bottle of this amazing Chianti would only cost around 250AED, or $68 USD.

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

One meat mountain, two mojitos, and 1.5 glasses of Chianti later and I was absolutely spent, with not even room for dessert.

To walk off all of that decadence my friend and I decided to take a quick walk around the wet deck to see the rooftop pool we’d heard brunch rumors about. Of course, it was empty at almost 11 PM on a Monday night but I knew the private cabanas, poolside bar, and gorgeous pool would be amazing during the day.

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light
The Wet Deck, on the same floor as the Meat Me event.

And so came an end to my meal in Level Seven at the W Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City. The W did not request media coverage for this dinner. I wrote this review because I sincerely enjoyed the night and thus all opinions are my own.

I will definitely be back at the W Hotel Dubai, hopefully, next time as a guest.

Thank you again, W Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City!

W Hotel Dubai | Packs Light

Gabby Beckford

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14 thoughts on “The W Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City: Meat Me for Dinner?

  1. Julie Cao

    The smile on your face in the last picture tells me you really enjoyed the event at W Hotel Dubai. I could not hesitate to try the mussels as I am a seafood predator, but foie gras look too good to pass up!

  2. Michele Peterson

    I was just at the new W Punta de Mita and was really impressed with their seafood. So not surprised to hear they do a great job on meat in Dubai!

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