The White House

Work placement with the U.S. Government

Age: N/A

Deadline: January 6, 2021

Being a White House Fellow is an honor, a privilege, and a full-time commitment. Fellows are expected to fully engage in their work placement, which lies at the heart of a White House Fellowship. Work placements can offer unparalleled experience working with Cabinet and White House officials on challenging issues. The work often requires long hours and, at times, may also require travel on behalf of the agency.

The Education Program augments and enhances the work experience. Over the course of the year, Fellows are expected to fully participate in the Education Program, which includes semi-weekly speaker seminars and, when possible, domestic policy trips, an international policy trip, and day trips to study various policy issues.

In addition to their work placement and Education Program, the Fellows also participate in community service projects during their year in Washington, D.C.

Fellows are considered Federal employees, and receive a competitive salary during their one year fellowship.

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