Free Flight to Study in Sweden!

by Gabby Beckford
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Study In Sweden x GoOverseas

Free Round-Trip Flight to Sweden for Study Abroad

Who: All nationalities, must already be planning to study (undergraduate, postgrad, or study abroad) in Sweden in the Fall/Autumn of 2022

Deadline: April 25, 2022

Did you know that studying in Sweden could be cheaper than studying at your home university?

Sweden is a prime destination for studying abroad in Scandinavia with close access to the European continent! If you are considering where to study abroad, Sweden might be perfect for you. You can study a variety of subjects including sustainable technology, business, and design at world-leading universities. You can master the art of Fika and see the Northern Lights. You can even explore literary heritage and progressive culture on the same day.

Why not do all of that without paying for the flight? 

Go Overseas and Study in Sweden are giving away a FREE round trip flight to Sweden for one person who intends to study in Sweden starting in the Fall of 2022. Are you looking to study abroad in Sweden? Or maybe you want to get your master's or undergraduate degree in Sweden!

Apply in 5 minutes to win a round trip flight to Sweden to get the degree of your dreams.

How to apply for the Swedish Flights Scholarship: 

  1. Fill out your general information 
  2. Complete the application prompt “Fill in the blank with a word you think describes the Swedish way… “Live and Learn the ________________ way. “
    • For example: Live and Learn the Sustainable way.
  3. Create a visual representation of the word you choose to share with us as part of your application. This could take the form of a collage, vision board, photo, portrait, digital image, or short video.