Causley Trust

2-month residency in Cornwall for emerging writers

Age: N/A

Deadline: November 23, 2020

The Charles Causley Trust is pleased to announce a new Emerging Writer Residency opportunity at Cyprus Well, in Launceston, Cornwall (the poet’s former home owned by the Trust). The Residency will be for a 2 month duration and is for emerging writers interested in the work and legacy of Charles Causley and is part of our larger, two year project, Ignite. 

The main aim of the residency is to provide a paid opportunity for an emerging writer to have time to write and whilst a significant proportion of their time will be for their own creative work there is a commitment to producing the following as part of the contract:

1 new artistic product generated by the residency (eg. poem) to be posted on our website/social media
1 public performance (reading/festival appearance) live or online.
2 blogs to go on the Trust website/social media
Post-residency evaluation

The fee/stipend for the 2-month Emerging Writer residency at Cyprus Well, Launceston, is £1,500 which will be paid in monthly instalments. Accomodation and utilities are included in the residency package.

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