VI-Young Professional Fellowship – Nepal

by Justice Akagbulem

Mentor Amiable Professional Society (MAPS)

Funded fellowship for young people interested in global issues

Who: 16-35, All nationalities, Must hold a passport or submit proof of a completed passport application, Dedicated to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Deadline: May 30, 2023

Young Professional Fellowship Program (YPFP) is a salient inauguration by Mentor Amiable Professional Society (MAPS), aimed at polishing the leadership skills of youth under 35 years of age.

YPFP emphasizes incorporating cultural diversity, the inclusion of numerous ethnicities, and interfaith harmony for generating citizens with an elevated sense of responsibility and high caliber.

The program will comprise four days of educational seminars for the providence of entrepreneurial guidance and leadership skills in a highly professional setting ensuring the inclusivity of multiple identities.

This year's seminar will take place in Nepal from July 27th-30th, 2023.

It is a golden chance for the participants to polish their leadership skills under the mentorship of influential political, business, and humanitarian figures.

There will be 100 seats in total with 10 Fully Funded spots, 25 Partially Funded spots, and 65 Self Funded spots.

What does Fully Funded, Partially Funded, and Self Funded mean?

  • Fully funded applicants will be provided an Air-Ticket, Accommodation, Certificate, Meals (Breakfast and Lunch), Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, and Celebration Party
  • Partially funded applicants will be provided Accommodation, Certificate, Meals (Breakfast and Lunch), Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, and Celebration Party
  • Self-funded applicants will buy our delegate package and will be provided equal privileges including Certificate, Conference Kit, Cultural Evening Ceremony, and Celebration Party

What topics will be discussed at the seminars?

  • Sustainable Tourism- Economic, Social, and Environmental Dimensions
  • Gender Equality and a Safe Planet- The Role of Women in sustainable development
  • How can the art of local food consumption ensure sustainable development and food security? What role can Youth play in realizing these goals?
  • How can young people maintain their distinctive identity and find their purpose in today’s competitive world?

Note that there is a $19.50 application fee for this program.

For insider tips on how to dissect the requirements to curate an application that will *wow* the judges, check out the Packs Light Opportunity Knocks Course! ✨