CIEE Global Cities Grant – Spring 2022

by Gabby Beckford


Grant to study abroad in London, Rome, or Copenhagen

Requirements: U.S. college students

Deadline: September 1, 2021

The Global Cities Grant is awarded to students studying abroad in London, Rome, and/or Copenhagen during the Spring 2022 semester for a 12 week period (if you attend a quarter school) or 18 week period (if you attend a semester school).

You can receive a $9750 grant for 18 weeks or a $6500 grant for 12 weeks. That is 50% off the normal study abroad price, to visit up to 3 cities in one semester!

There is no essay, video, or GPA requirement to get this price reduction. Just follow the steps below:

How to apply for the grant:

  1. Fill out this form here before September 1st. It takes 1 minute, max.
  2. Decide and apply to one of CIEE's Spring 2022 Open Campus Programs in either London, Rome, or Copenhagen before November 1.


What is a “block”?

In short, a Block is a time frame, a block program is a program that runs within a 6-week time frame.

Example: if you attend a semester school, you could take 3 blocks (18 weeks), via 3 open campus block programs – CopenhagenLondon and Rome.

If you attended a quarter school you could take 2 blocks (12 weeks) via 2 open campus block programs – London and Rome.

Can I stack other scholarships onto this?

No other internal CIEE scholarships can be used in addition to with the GCG grant, but external scholarships are allowed (make sure to consult your study abroad advisor to confirm)!