TNN Social Media Event Community Coordinator

by Gabby Beckford

Nomadic Matt

The Nomadic Network or TNN a global community of travel enthusiasts is looking for someone for their community and events program. They are currently looking for a highly-motivated, detail-oriented team member who has experience working with social media, blogging, and as a part of a remote team for the position of Community Coordinator. 

Deadline: August 25,2021

You might be perfect for this role if you are….

  • You’re someone who self-identifies as “travel obsessed” and is well-versed on the topic of budget travel.
  • You adore making lists, creating spreadsheets, and your friends often make fun of how detail-oriented you are.
  • Your written and verbal communication skills are so developed that you wouldn’t even consider ghosting a person on a dating app.
  • You spend so much time on Instagram that you feel as though you’ve Insta scrolled for miles.
  • You’re a skillful writer who loves sending emails and puts a lot of care into crafting your social media captions.
  • You live to plan out your future travels and have a burning desire to visit so many countries in the world.

Duties & Responsibilities

This position includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Event management: Create our event pages and craft catchy sales page copy that entices people to sign up to each event. Assist Chapter Leaders in setting up events (including researching bars and venues in different cities and calling to make room reservations). For virtual events, you’ll host some of these and manage the video replays that will include uploading to YouTube and reposting on our website.
  • Social media: Manage Instagram, Facebook group, Later, Link Tree accounts. Make social media suitable graphics. Identify travelers on IG to take over our account and interact on behalf of TNN with our community of travelers. Set up specific KPIs for social media campaigns and keep up with how well it performs. Follow the social media growth strategies laid out for you, and add to it to increase our engagement and overall reach. ETC


Commitment: Full-time

Start date: Between September 15-October 1st

  • $50,000 USD per year
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Four weeks paid vacation (no more than two weeks taken at a time)
  • Ten sick days
  • Federal holidays off
  • Remote position