Welcome! This is where I’ll sell all of the Packs Light brand products and services, and also recommend to you travel products that are not mine, but are my favorite.

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IPHONE X | This series of iPhone has an insane camera and processing capabilities. 50% of my blogging and social media maintenance is done from it, and the iPhone X’s camera is key to some of my best photos like this one here.

NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES | Essential for every traveler. Don’t believe me? You will after you take a flight with 3 cranky babies on board. Bluetooth capabilities also make it so I never have to worry about charging my iPhone 7 Plus and listening to music at the same time.

MACBOOK PRO 13″ | Once you go, Mac, you don’t go back. This computer is my baby, and I love how portable, lightweight, and specifically designed for artists it is. Mine is not the latest and greatest edition, but I like that it still has a CD port and it serves all of my blogging needs well.

GO PRO HERO 7 | Now, this is something I do not personally own. I have the Go Pro Hero 4, and I haven’t upgraded yet because I’m still poor post-college and need to save up. However, I recommend the Hero 7 if you’re going to get a Go Pro, even above the Hero 6, because of it’s video stabilization, touch zoom, and battery life. I will get this version… eventually.


BRALETTES | Every woman needs to know the magic of bralattes. I wear them when I travel because they’re so comfortable on flights, and can be a cute accent when wearing blouses with plunging necklines.

MAXI DUSTER | These were very popular in Dubai, and I bring them everywhere I travel now. They’re so fashionable but also great for layering in changing weather, and covering up a bit more when needed.

MAXI JUMPER | Flowy. Great for layers. Great for city. Great for beach. Great for saving space when packing? Need I say more? My closet runneth over with maxi jumpsuits.

HALTER BIKINI | As an island girl, I can’t travel without a bikini. Patterns and bright colors always look great in photos, and this pink on my skin? *hair toss*

Want more outfit inspo? See a post where I mention my favorite stores to shop in here.


SHEA MOISTURE PRODUCT | As a person who has 1) incredibly thick, curly hair and 2) is biracial, so has thick but fine, breakable hair, SheaMoisture is a godsend and a non-negotiable when traveling. The fact that they are cruelty-free is also a +1 for recommending them.

CHUNKY HEADBANDS | A curly-headed travelers lifeline. There will be some days where the time constraints, weather, or laziness will make a 40-minute hairstyle impossible. A chunky headband hides and distracts from crazy edges, and pushes the rest of the mass back into an effortless style.

CARRY-ON APPROVED BOTTLES | Hotel hair products? *laughs in black girl* I have to have my products, especially when abroad and I can’t pamper my hair like I usually would. 3.4 oz/100mL clear bottles are absolutely essential for the #CarryOnOnly lifestyle and only $12 for 6 of them. This much product could last a curly-haired girl… 24 hours! 😉

VISOR | Baseball Caps ≠ Curly Hair. A visor will allow your curls to flow free, or give that curly ponytail some space. This version on Amazon comes in 20 different colors.

Want more tips? See my post on traveling with curly hair here.


THREE PIECE LUGGAGE SET | This three-piece luggage set is a god-send, because you can mix and match which luggage you bring depending on your trip. Being #TeamCarryOnOnly, I usually only use the two smaller suitcases, both of which are airline approved carry-ons. Rolling luggage is great when you’ll be staying in one accommodation and walking paved roads.

40L BACKPACKING PACK | For a backpacking trip like Italy with a lot of stairs, hills, or uneven terrain, a backpack is a must-have. A 40L like this is the one I carry, except mine is military camo. I suggest plain black or just solid colors, as some countries are not so friendly to military patterns.

TRAVEL HANDBAG | I bring this with me on every trip. It’s a great camera back for my DSLR, and the zip opening and many pockets make it a pickpocket deterrent and super functional bag.

Lose your luggage? With travel insurance you could have everything replaced and even paid for the inconvenience. Check out my favorite travel insurance, ISIC, here.


DOOR STOP ALARM | One of my favorite safety hacks. Shove this underneath any doorway in an AirBnb, hotel, or rental home, and in the .01% chance that someone unsavory tries to get in it will alert you and hopefully scare away any intruder.

RFID WALLET | As technology advances, so do criminals. An RFID blocking wallet/passport holder will prevent credit card skimmers from stealing your credit card info.

TRAVEL LOCKS | As a blogger, budget traveler, frequent hostel/AirBnb user, you can never be too careful. There are travel locks on my bags whenever they’re not in use.

MONEY BELT | No, it’s not a fanny pack. The money belt is worn against the body, under your shirt and is completely hidden. So if your wallet or bag is stolen, you’ll always have your most important documents, identification, and spare cash on you. Side note: great for clubbing, as you won’t need your purse!

Want more tips? See my post with more travel safety tips here.


PRO PACKING CUBES | I got these two years ago and now I don’t travel without them. This blue & black six pack is the exact one that I have, and that you’ll see me last minute packing in my Instagram stories.

SCRATCH OFF MAP | I’ve gotten a few of these via gifts, and no matter how many times I get them (and regift them) they’re still amazing gifts! Inspire yourself or a loved one to go see the world.

ETHNICITY DNA TEST | What motivates travel more than having a personal tie to a distant land?

BLOG HOSTING | Got blog? Help someone set up their own side hustle or passion project by purchasing a year (or three) of their web hosting.

Want more gift ideas? See my post on gift ideas for adventurous graduates here.


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