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Hey there! If you’re on this page hopefully you’ve read my About Me page and are looking to because you’re likely interested in working with me.

You can check out my full story here, but let’s just say I’m a dynamic person.

Not many 21-year-olds get to travel the world as much as I do (and I’m incredibly privileged to do so). And to be able to say that I’m living and studying in Dubai for one year at absolutely no cost to me, able to jump to neighboring countries at my leisure, is something I’m extremely proud of.

Check out my media kit (updated  April 2017) for some statistics about my blog!

I started my travel blog not only to document my own adventures, but because I realized that most my age don’t travel, whether because of financial reasons or otherwise.

I want to inspire people, the younger generation, that travel is not only an amazing way to experience personal growth and get the most out of their lives, but also show them that it is more attainable than they think and to empower them with the resources and travel tips that I’ve picked up along the way!

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