The Beginning


So here it is, the beginning. I want this blog to be personal, a place where I can write my thoughts and record the mostly-boring-but-sometimes-life-altering things that happen to me. But I mainly want this blog to be about everything else except me; about the world, different cultures, different people, different lives. How can I accomplish this? It helps that despite being an average teenage girl who enjoys shopping, Netflix, friends, and being a biomedical engineering major which hard material consumes 90% of my daily brain power, my true passion is travel. And through travel I embark on the personal journey that is finding out who I am.

Family, 1997

To fully explain my odd obsession with travel, I think you’d have to understand my background. My father was a Marine for 23 years which allowed him to travel/deploy to exotic (though not always desirable) areas of the world such as South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Alaska , Thailand, and many more. My mother has been a travel agent for just as long because since she was young she has also loved to travel, and she’s journeyed to places like Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, France, and Germany.


Though they’re divorced now, they both dragged me around the world enough times in my childhood for me to feel like travelling all the time is the norm, and that staying in one place for more than six months is cruel and unusual. Long story short, travel might literally, if not definitely figuratively, be in my blood. In the past 19 years I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Japan, Australia, Iceland and all around the United States of course.

jjjj 001

I’m currently in the midst of my experience as a college student and I’m realizing I don’t just love to travel, I love to travel. I think about it all the time, I’m constantly planning trips and looking for people who love travel as much as I do. But being in college has also made me realize that having as many opportunities to explore the world as I have is actually very rare, and I’m very blessed. In starting this blog one of my hopes is that people who don’t have the opportunity to travel can experience it by reading about and seeing my adventures.

Ultimately I’m hoping this blog becomes an archive of travel tips, trip reviews of places I’ve been on, an up-to-date journal on places I’m currently travelling through, and even trips that I may just have mapped out completely in my head that I want to share on the internet so that someone else who likes to travel might have an easier time!

As of right now, 01/01/2015 (Happy New Year!) I have plans to go to: Canada, England, Turkey, Kenya, and Australia for 2015.

Eiffel tower

With my family and crazy lifestyle you never know what plans will fall through or spring up out of nowhere so it’s subject to change, but I hope this blog will help my friends, family and fellow travelers to follow me through 2015+, and hopefully learn some interesting things along the way!

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