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1. IT. IS. HUMID. SERIOUSLY. What is wrong with the internet. Why did no one tell me? How could I not know? When I left the US, I knew Dubai was crazy hot, but you kind of assume it’s a dry-heat, you know, because all the desert. When I landed here on September 1, I was shook how freakin’ humid it was outside. It literally felt as though I was walking into a hot shower. I had the taxi driver who drove me stop by a gas stations so that I could

Almost immediately after I arrived in Dubai in September, I was presented with an awesome opportunity to go on my first desert safari. I’d heard about desert safari’s in Dubai as one of the things I must do while here, so I woke up very excited knowing I was finally going on one!

When you think of cliff jumping, what do you think of as the best locations for it? My first thought is Colorado in the United States, or maybe off of the coast of Australia. Little did you know that Oman was recently declared the most underrated hotspot of cliff jumping and general outdoor adventure! (Recently declared as in, just now, by me).