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Welcome to the Millennials on the Move series! This initiative consists of candid interviews of, in often cases, extremely young millennials and their inspiring stories of how they navigate travel at their age despite the challenges. So I’m happy introduce Courtney, who will share the experiences that led her to being afraid of flying, and overcoming that very fear to continue on her world adventures. (All photos credited to Caryn Noel) 1) Hello Courtney! Excited to meet you, and to share your story as it’s truly a story of overcoming obstacles! To begin,

Where? Åre! The above video was shot in Åre, Sweden in July 2016 as part of my Scandinavian tour, where I hit Sweden, Finland, and Norway in one trip! I’ve talked before about how incredible a city Stockholm was, and how much I am obsessed with it to this day. But escaping into the wilderness of Åre was an absolute highlight of my trip. It was in this little town nestled in a valley nestled in a mountain range that I got to see Tännforsens Falls, the largest waterfall in Sweden!

Group chat that has a minimum of 50 new messages at all times. An assumed invite to every dinner date, movie, mall-trip, and hangout session. Being intuitively associated with 8 other people when one of your names are said aloud. You and your friends receiving, “Hey, where’s (insert one of many best friend’s names here)?”, when one of the crew isn’t present in an Instagram photo.

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