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This is the love story of a my very unscripted and brief flight-romance. It wasn’t a whirlwind, passionate, earth-shattering affair—I mean how could it have been, I was seventeen at the time! But it was innocent, lovely, and definitely straight out of a movie. I’ve changed his name because god-forbid he ever see this embarrassing recount for anonymity, but every event and feeling is as accurate as possible and straight from the depth of my first travel journal! Enjoy! Read More

So here it is, the beginning. I want this blog to be personal, a place where I can write my thoughts and record the mostly-boring-but-sometimes-life-altering things that happen to me. But I mainly want this blog to be about everything else except me; about the world, different cultures, different people, different lives. How can I accomplish this? It helps that despite being an average teenage girl who enjoys shopping, Netflix, friends, and being a biomedical engineering major which hard material consumes 90% of my daily brain power, my true passion is