Welcome to the backstage area where I can talk to you not as a blogger or even as a traveler, but just as me. Gabby.

Well, I should start with the fact that everyone in my family, on my mom and dad’s sides, are avid travelers. Everyone. It’s crazy. So it’s really not that much of a stretch that it’s my passion in life, considering I was on a flight to Paris by 4-years-old, and moving to Japan by 7.

But, I admit, I took it upon myself to head out on my first solo trip at 17. Iceland! Where I met up with a group of complete strangers and backpacked the all 40km of the Laugevegur trailwith absolutely no backpacking experience whatsoever.

Good times.

And, well, I just never really stopped traveling— making it to 25 countries and 49 U.S. states today.

On of Sep 1, 2016 I even fled the US presidential elections moved to Dubai, UAE to study Middle Eastern Studies and Modern Standard Arabic at a university there. (Did I mention that it was completely free? Find out how I pulled off that heist here.)

Essentially, I’m just a short woman with curly hair and an eye for opportunity, that wants to see the world while she can.

Tännforsens Middle View

I’m queen of the wooorld!

I started my travel blog to not only document my personal adventures—but because I realize that most people my age just don’t travel. Whether because of financial, cultural, personal,  or any other reason.

I want that to change. I want to inspire young people to see travel as another tool to improving oneself and gaining perspective, and empowering them with personal experience, tips, and tools to hopefully do it themselves.

You’ll see my ongoing series, Millennials on the Move, where I interview my peers age <26, about their inspiring millennial travel stories. From traveling with a third-world passport, to travel with chronic mental illness, to dealing with romance while traveling—these kids have seen it all and I want to share it!

I don’t just want to see the world (which I really, really do)—I want to create a community. I want to listen. I want to inspire. I want to catalyze.  And I want to do it with you.

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She who packs light never brings the baggage of her past into her future, and, and does not place excessive value on material things.

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