Top 10 Monthly Dubai Groupon Deals: January 2017

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Welcome to my new series, Top 10 Monthly Dubai Groupon Deal!

Each month I will release a list of the Top 10 Dubai Groupon Deals I’ve found. Groupon is an awesome website with deals worldwide, who works hand-in-hand with local tourism companies, businesses, and tourist attractions to give you a great deal.

These are all things that I would/will personally do. Usually they’ll include adventure tours, restaurant deals, spa and relaxation packages, or other cool Dubai things a person here must do (like those found on my Dubai Bucket List)!

So for the month of January 2017, the best deals I’ve found:

Dubai Aquarium | Groupon

Dubai Mall Aquarium Tour (Optional City Tour)

  1. Dubai Mall Aquarium Tour (Optional City Tour)

    Something that is not only on my Dubai Bucket list, but I will be doing in the very near future! And with this deal approximately 50% off what they tell you at the Aquarium itself, I’ll definitely be using this Groupon.

    Trust me, this is a Dubai must. Great for dates or with kids, or even by yourself (aka, me. No shame). This Groupon is the best way to see this stunning underwater zoo inside of the world’s largest mall. Option for Aquarium only or Aquarium+City tour. Deal only per person.

    Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek | Groupon

    Two-Hour Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

  2. Two-Hour Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

    I’ve done this before, and it was lovely. Enjoy cruise up and down Dubai Creek, in the old, historical part of Dubai.

    The tour itself includes Arabic coffee and dates (the food, not the men. Badum-da!), buffet dinner with vegetarian options,  music by a DJ, and entertainment in the form of a magic and dance show, and henna. Very cute, very Dubai. Options for children and single/multiple adults.

  3. Meal at the Rainforest Cafe in Dubai Mall

    loooved  the rainforest cafe as a kid! Seriously. The food is average or above average, but the experience is out of this world. Animatronic animals moving, rainforest sounds and effects—it’s just fun being in there. They even have a ‘thunderstorm’ every 30 minutes or so.Great for kids and families, or for college-aged people who are easily entertained (read, me again).

    The best part? It’s located right next to the Dubai Aquarium! Kill two Groupon-birds with one stone and plan a fun day at Dubai Mall. Options for 100AED, 200AED, 400AED, or 600AED vouchers.

    Hatta Trip | Groupon

    Hatta Mountain Safari

  4. Hatta Mountain Safari (Optional Lunch at Luxury Tours)

    Not in Dubai, but a great escape from here if you’ve been here too long and get a bit itchy without some nature. Hatta is a mountain with tons of natural wadis (lagoons and springs) and opportunities for cliff jumping, swimming, hiking, etc. Do it with Groupon to have the headache of planning, renting a car, logistics, etc. removed. Options for different tour, lunch, and activities packages.

  5. Abu Dhabi City Tour (For 1, 2, or 4)

    Also not in Dubai, but also a must-do, and this deal is super affordable! Abu Dhabi is home to the Grand Mosque, Yas Island, and other fun things.

    Doing this tour with Groupon will give you a little taste of the city and an opportunity for photos at: the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a drive along the Presidential Palace, Emirates Palace,  Marina Mall, Heritage Village and Museum, an Abu Dhabi skyscraper sightseeing, the dates market, and Ferrari World (photo stop)! Options for 1, 2, or 4 person deals.

    Hot Air Balloon | Groupon

    Hot Air Balloon Ride

  6. Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Arabian Desert

    All I can say is: imagine seeing the Arabian Desert from a hot air balloon more than 4000ft in the air, for more than hour. Imagine the photos. Swoon. Very romantic, and again—the photo-op is once in a lifetime.

    Also, complimentary cold beverages beforehand doesn’t sound half bad either, and they have an optional pick up and drop off service in multiple areas of Dubai! Options for children or adults.

  7. Dinner Buffet with Mocktails and Drinks at Manava, Sofitel The Palm Hotel & Resort

    After living here for 4 months, I can say that the Sofitel on the Palm Jumeirah is one of the 5* dreams. It is beyond posh, and since I will never be able to afford to stay there with my college budget (sob), I may splurge for an amazing meal there one day, and if you’re in the same boat as I am I recommend this for you too! Options for 1, 2, 4, or 8 people.

    Escape Room | Groupon

    Escape Room Game by X-Space

  8. Escape Room Game by X-Space

    Everyone thinks these things are easy until they actually do them, LOL. Test how well you perform under pressure with this fun escape room! Invite a few friends and see how strong your Indiana Jones skills are. Options for 3, 4, 5, or 6 players.

  9. Kayaking Session in Sharjah

    Get out of the malls and air conditioning and into the fresh air! Especially in January with the weather so perfect, you should be spending your time outside. Why not do a kayaking session in Sharjah? Dubai has no big waves or currents so it should be smooth sailing! Options for 1 or 2 people.

    Desert Camel Ride | Groupon

    Desert Camel Riding Experience

  10. Desert Camel Riding Experience

    Need. To. Do. This. Any time I’ve ridden a camel in Dubai, it’s always been an anti-climactic walk in a circle or around a tree. Going to the desert solely for a camel riding experience sounds amazing, and again, a great photo-op! Cue “Arabian Nights” to play in the background. Deal per person.

*** Disclaimer*** : This article contains affiliate links. These links do not affect the price of the Groupon deal, and using these links will only save you the money you would have spent had you not known about these deals. I would never recommend a service I would not or had not used by myself multiple times. By using these links you simply say a small thanks for me providing these deals, and I appreciate it 🙂
All photos are from the website and credited to their original photographers.

If you use one of these links to buy a Groupon, email me and let me know at! I’d love to say thanks!
P.S. Always read the descriptions and fine print before buying!
Groupon Deals | Jan 2017 Pin

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Victoria says:

    Awesome post! I am from the US and never thought to look at Groupon overseas. What a brilliant idea! I’ll be checking back with the hope that there are Groupon deals like this when I visit Dubai in November. BTW, would you happen to have an recommendations for a budget and safe place to stay in Dubai? I am a solo female traveler. Many thanks! 🙂

    • Gabby says:

      Hey Victoria! So sorry for the delayed response! I’m glad you liked this! YES, Groupon is an amazing option for doing things on a budget in Dubai!

      Unfortunately I’ve moved back to the US from Dubai so I won’t be posting any more Dubai Groupon deals 🙁

      Also, I would recommend staying in the JBR, JLT, Marina, Media City, Al Barsha, or Downtown areas in Dubai! AirBnb is a great tool for budget stays!

      Feel free to message me in November when you go if you have any more questions!

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